Why I’m Giving Your Teenagers Condoms

A few years ago, I discovered that I can beg my kids to learn about something forever, but the most effective method is to simply leave whatever I want them to read laying around.

Male Promiscuity by the Numbers: 25-15-5

Dr. Andrew Smiler checks the numbers and finds that most guys aren’t promiscuous.

10 Things You Never Knew About Condoms

This is shocking.

13 Things Guys Don’t Care About the First Time They Sleep With You

It’s sex. Things are going to happen.

When Hooking Up with Her is All About Impressing the Other Guys

Andrew Smiler explores the ways that hookups get used to strengthen male-male friendships and argues they’re all wrong.

Condom (yes, condom) Hacks [video]

So, not sure what to do with the leftovers of that gross of condoms your buddy bought? Here are some ideas…

Do Boys Deserve Credit for the Declining Teen Birth Rate?

The reason that teen pregnancy rates have plunged in the last few years is because boys are behaving more responsibly.

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Andrew Smiler highlights 14 aspects of sexuality that every parent should teach their sons.

Planned Parenthood Kicks off ‘National Condom Week’ to Promote Safe Sex

The group’s efforts to encourage Americans to make healthy sexual choices haven’t been without some controversy.

How Do You Shack Up? [Infographic]

Here’s a quick peek of what goes on behind closed doors. The Skyn® Sex Survey from the makers of Lifestyles® condoms has some great stats that answers your questions about sexual partners, frequency of sex, sexual satisfaction, dates before sex and more.

10 Reasons Why You Should Man Up and Get Cut

Matthew Hoffman thinks the same guys who think vasectomies make them less manly are the ones who hang Truck Nutz from their bumpers.

Condoms! Condoms Everywhere!

Andrew Smiler applauds the American Association of Pediatrics’ recommendations that adolescents be taught to use condoms and that condoms be made more available to them.

Is It As Simple As Asking, Or Does There Need To Be a Moment?

Kurt Bird has had partners who pushed him into sex before he was ready for it, and it never felt right. So, what’s next?

The Purple Balloon

A true, horror story

Dear John: I Can’t Share My Mouth With Her Dog

  A slobbering dog, a homophobic friend, condoms in the laundry. Dear John advises on all. —- This article originally appeared at GoLocalProv.com. Dear John, I have a new girlfriend who has a dog that she loves – and I’m not exaggerating. She is just crazy about this dog. She considers him her best friend. The […]

Viral Video: Fathers Protect Themselves from Kids

Every dad has been here. Durex condom commercial is clever, funny and really well done from a cinematic angle. It slyly suggests a condom over a vasectomy.