Why I Don’t Take Political Sides On Social Media And You Shouldn’t Either

Instead of choosing political teams, let’s have a conversation about the things that are important.

Understanding (and Misunderstanding) Gay Rights

Matthew Rozsa deconstructs the dangerous logic being used by the anti-gay rights movement in America today. — Over the last week or so, there has been a growing problem with the logic of the anti-gay rights movement. Let’s see if this article from the right-wing blog InfoWars about Vester Lee Flanagan, the African-American gay man who shot two reporters […]

Why White Dudes Freak Out About White Privilege

Meg Ainsworth was disowned for dating a black man, so she knows a thing or two about racism.

The Hidden Face Behind the Confederate Flag

The failure to target the malignancy of racism both smacks of Dorian Gray avoiding his portrait in the attic and carves fresh blemishes amongst those caused by the malignancy itself. Quentin Lucas shows us how.

Honor and the KKK

Matthew Rozsa discusses the concept of honor… and how we should use that concept to truly understand why the KKK is so repugnant.

KKK Posing as Victim of “Cultural Genocide”

The Confederate flag symbolizes the worst aspects of humanity’s inhumanity. The South must move on, says Warren Blumenfeld.

Black Dads Are Overcoming Obstacles For Self, Children And Community

Dr. Vibe asks a group of Black men how Black fathers are overcoming many obstacles in order to be the best that they can be

Should We Praise Nikki Haley?

People are right to praise the politicians in South Carolina who have finally come around to wanting to disown the Confederate battle flag.

Why Kanye West’s Confederate Flag Is AWESOME

Lincoln Anthony Blades on a symbol of hate transformed.

If The River Was a Confederate Flag

Jose Padua finds that the Civil War is hardly over in his hometown.

Remove the Gay Pride Flag But Let the Confederate Flag Fly?

Alex Yarde wonders if we really call ourselves free when we’re willing to entertain the idea of removing a Pride Flag but not the one that, for many, symbolizes legalized slavery?

A Perfect Test

A San Francisco native travels to the Mississippi Delta for lessons on another America.

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