Yet Another Set of Confessions of an Alcoholic

Photo: Carbon NYC

Larry Siskin knows there are two kinds of alcoholics…and that’s not the start of a bad joke.

Face to Face with Sexism in Brooklyn

unnamed (1)

Nathan Zimmerman decided to confront sexism head-on…and got thrown out of a bar for his trouble.

A Modern Indignity

Photo by Youssef Hanna

When David Perez was 11, he had two stated goals: to become president of the United States, and to meet his father. Thanks to LinkedIn, he’s halfway there.

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The Pain of Separation and the Love Within


Poet Brian Bowers on grief and goodbyes, and the way love is woven through them both.

Did it Really Happen? On “Forgetting” Abuse.

jog down

Cecil Murphy with a personal story about denial and facing hard truths.

In His Gurney He Walked His Daughter Down the Aisle


Erin Kelly reflects on the inspirational story of Scott Nagy.

Do You Believe in Ghosts?A Simple Question for All Hallows Eve.

ghost house

Wil Elrick is a 6’7″ ex-cop. He wrestled a bear. And he believes in ghosts. A lot of men would not admit this. Would you?

How I Was Taught to Have Sex Like a Cowboy


Tweet Gregory Jaquet tells how he thought he was supposed to “ride” his first sexual partner. And how he was wrong. I was late. I made love for the first time at 17. I know. Making love with a woman had been in my conversations with fellow boys for years by the time it actually […]

My Partner’s Bi, and So Am I, and My Partner’s Gay. Except When We’re Not.

This is a poly trio.

JJ Vincent is aware there’s a lot going on in that sentence. It’s confession time, y’all.

From a Dude Who Likes “Love Actually”


Author Steven Luna’s confession: he enjoyed the film “Love Actually.” Here’s why.

A History of Secrets: What it Takes to Tell the Truth


Jared Begg didn’t know how to tell his wife about his addiction. A movie changed that for him.

Dear John: She Wants Him To Have An Affair


A chronic illness prompts a proposal for an affair, a girlfriend who won’t quit smoking, and a friend who stole a work project.

Maxing Out My Masculinity While Listening to Cat Power


Powerlifter and strongman N. C. Harrison completes a particularly grueling workout with some soulful help from his favorite chanteuses.

Exodus International’s Alan Chambers: Bending History’s Arc


This shift is both seismic and historic in the ongoing effort to bring all voices of faith into a more unified chorus, all calling for the affirmation, acceptance and unconditional love of all of God’s created.

What to the Child of Domestic Violence is Father’s Day?


A regular GMP contributor discusses his own troubled childhood and argues that society might be better served with a single Caregiver’s Day intended to acknowledge the contributions of all the people who have an impact on a child’s well-being.

Dear John: With His Father Dying, So Are His Chances To Talk


A last chance for a son to reconcile with his dying father, a father pushing his son to be involved in aggressive sports, and a boyfriend who was abused as a child.