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Trust us ladies — we’re worth the hassle.

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Dear John: Wingmanning is Getting Old

15011783718_9c43f28540_z (1)

Dear John takes on wingmen, overly touchy husbands, and neighbor’s with pets that cause a severe allergic reaction for your child.

9 Things Fatherhood Has Taught Me About Being a Man


“They don’t want the ‘pretend you have it all together’ version of me, they simply want me. To be present. To be engaged. To be there. To be real.”

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Seeking the Advice of Other Men

Seeking the advice by seeing2sea

Men are known for not asking for help. Jeff Raymond gives five tips to facilitate man-to-man guidance.

10 Rules For A Happy Second Marriage

forever second marriage

It might be round 2, but that doesn’t mean the mistakes of round 1 have to repeat themselves. Terry Gaspard shows us how to stay happy in a marriage.

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