5 Ways to Minimize Family Conflict During the Holidays

Make the most of your less-than-ideal situation.

Thoughts on Ending Racial Alienation

While in France this summer, Bill Eddy took a quiet moment to reflect on racial tension in the U.S., not knowing just how synchronous a location he was feeling inspired by.

Are You Living Cage-Free?

Kimberlie Dykeman talks about six things that keep you weighed down, and why a good shedding helps more than yourself.

Before April

Guillermo Filice Castro recalls his time serving in the Argentine army during the British invasion of the Falkland Islands in this poem of comradeship and connection between men.

Two Trips Home: A Vietnam Story

A soldier’s brush with tragedy both abroad and at home.

You’re Not the Crazy One, So Stop Believing It

Divorce can leave you feeling mentally unstable. Are you sure it isn’t just you?

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A Relationship Coach Seeks Advice: A Father’s Hardest Day

Relationship coach Chris Armstrong needs your help.

Demystifying Divorce Series, Part 3: Litigation/Court

Going to divorce court sucks — literally sucks — time, energy, money & a piece of your soul.

10 Rules For a Happy Second Marriage

With roughly half of first marriages and nearly two thirds of second ones ending in divorce, we could use some advice on making marriage work the second time around.

The One Non-Negotiable Thing About Every Relationship

Heather Gray explains how not understanding or respecting this is why relationships with lovers, friends, and family can fail.

5 Ways to Deal with Workplace Drama

Avoid the landmines that can cripple your career.

Communication and High Conflict Divorce

Arianna Jeret swaps thoughts and tips with Dwight Hurst on The Broken Brain Podcast.

Pipe Dreams

Despite the support for the TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline by both political parties, the pipeline debate is still unsettled and many continue to insist the plan should be seriously reconsidered.

How to End Sibling Rivalry & Lower Your Kids’ Risk of Divorce at the Same Time

Fighting siblings and divorcing spouses are more alike than you may think, and both can find peace by following these three steps.

Can You Use Conflict to Connect With Your Partner?

Keeping quiet to keep the peace lessens intimacy instead of increasing it. Katie Vessel suggests healthy conflict to bring partners closer together.

Don’t Mention Her Mother and Other Rules for Fighting Fair

“While it may seem like a good idea to give as much “evidence” as possible to support our side of the argument, it isn’t. No one likes having a partner who ‘keeps score’.”