6 Healthy Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Toxic


Mark Manson says that couples do occasionally need to be willing to hurt each others feelings.

5 Rules for Not Turning Office and Politics Into a Deadly Combination

office fight

There’s no shortage of brawl-worthy political issues. But no matter how right you think you are, the workplace probably isn’t the place to duke it out.

Does Wyoming Have the Answer for Israelis and Palestinians?

the Answer for Israelis and Palestinians 4WardEver UK:Flickr

Sides don’t matter when it comes to the loss of life. The time is ripe for mercy over vengeance for Israelis and Palestinians.

Marriage Isn’t a Sport. Stop Keeping Score.

keeping score

Relationships find themselves in a time-out as soon as someone brings out the scorecard.

Disney, Mom, and the Fear of Angry Women

Disney's Portrayal of Angry Women

A Loving Mom and Disney Set-up Unrealistic Expectations for Steven Lake When Coping With Women’s Anger

He Always Knows Just What to Say


Words that are steady, supportive and reassuring can speak louder than actions.

Why Children Must Be Trained in Conflict Resolution

Why Children Must Be Trained in Conflict Resolution

Nathaniel A. Turner argues that the people your children interact with every day are vital in how they learn to resolve both their internal and external conflicts

Jedi Training for Resolving Relationship Conflicts

Jedi, conflict, conflict resolution, marriage

Ben Stich knows some Jedi tricks for resolving marital conflicts.

“empathy is a good thing, as long as we maintain comedy and sex to keep us from becoming robotic.”

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This comment by Paul on the post How to Start an Empathy Revolution

How to Start an Empathy Revolution


Roman Krznaric believes the old story that we are basically selfish, self-interested creatures has been debunked. Now is the time for an empathy revolution.

The Sound It Makes When It Takes A Man’s Life


Award-winning war correspondent Shawn Rhodes shares what warriors taught him about men, fear and freedom.

How to Achieve Lasting Peace: Mastering the Art of Reconciliation

How to Achieve a Lasting by Gordon Brown

To err is human; to forgive, divine; to reconcile, a gift.

A Better Way to Be in the World

being better- by liveandrock-flickr

John Lash believes that “people of all ages are looking for a better way to live, a better way to address struggle, and a better way to be in the world.”

Five Ways to Fight Like a (Modern) Man


Navigating the brave new world of the modern argument.

Managing Conflict at Work (Infographic)


Unfortunately conflict is a fact of life, and that means in the workplace as well.

Man-to-Man with Cultural Thinker Roman Krznaric


Roman Krznaric is perhaps the world’s foremost authority on empathy. Here’s our interview with him.