How the Conflicts That Tear You Apart Can Also Hold You Together

When you understand the role that arguments play in your relationship, you can better understand yourselves and each other.

Who Are High Conflict People?

Bill Eddy explains the terms related to High Conflict People and their disputes, and how to use them in a positive, practical way.

Demystifying Divorce Series, Part 3: Litigation/Court

Going to divorce court sucks — literally sucks — time, energy, money & a piece of your soul.

How to Communicate With Women Like a Man

Daniel Dowling used to think women were too emotional. Then he learned how to talk to them. And everything changed.

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Can You Use Conflict to Connect With Your Partner?

Keeping quiet to keep the peace lessens intimacy instead of increasing it. Katie Vessel suggests healthy conflict to bring partners closer together.

The Roadmap to Growing Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

Aleasa Word Shares The Roadmap to Better Social & Decision Making Skills for Kids

Are You a Teachable Spouse?

For couples in conflict, Mike Berry has identified the critical question.

To Have a Good Marriage, Have a Good Fight

Arguing, if done well, can lead to stronger bonds between partners.

#69: Your Chance to Be an Act of Goodness and Save Someone’s Life

Bill Jacobsen is renowned for his conflict resolution work. But today, he’s fighting for his life, and you might be able to help.

8 Toxic Phrases That Shatter Relationships

Couples in healthy relationships know there are some things you just don’t say.

A Brave New World of Resolving Conflict

Can a new system of moderated, virtual, face-to-face interaction help resolve conflicts among peers?

White People Square Off

The “war” stops here

3 Ways You’re Killing Love By Trying to Save It

Thomas Fiffer teases out three behaviors that feel like they strengthen relationships but actually destroy them.

3 Ways Being Nice Can Hurt Your Relationship

Thomas Fiffer reveals 3 ways being nice is the worst thing you can do to your partner.

The 1 Thing to Stop Doing When You’re Arguing With Your Partner

Thomas Fiffer points out the #1 mistake we make when our partner complains about us and offers a 3-step program for successful conflict resolution.

6 Healthy Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Toxic

Mark Manson says that couples do occasionally need to be willing to hurt each others feelings.