What Can You Say Today That Someone Might Remember 35 Years From Now?

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The words were simple: “I’m sorry to hear about your father.” But for a young girl, they had an impact that spanned decades.

Crying Makes a Man Feel Whole

crying, manhood, emotions, emotionality, authenticity, vulnerability

Tears of joy, disappointment, love, or loss–all add texture to man’s being.

You Probably Don’t Practice the Most Important Skill in Life

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You are a SOCIAL animal. So why accept social mediocrity?

The Lonely Male: Struggling to Find Connection through Masculine Armor

lonely man photo by Gumez

Richard Nicastro reminds us that men can feel lonely–even when sitting right next to their partners or spouses.

10 Ways to Make Life Better Today*


James Altucher on the secret to a better life.

When I Take a Picture of My Son’s Smile, I Miss His Actual Smile

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Matt Brennan knows technology makes his life easier. But it also makes it easier for him to disengage with real life.

Power Lines

Power Lines photo by Steward Black

Thomas G. Fiffer meets a woman and seems to connect, but at the end of the evening his manhood is called into question. He wonders why.

How to Deal with Divorce during the Holidays

How to Deal with Divorce during the Holidays, Sad Christmas, Your Tango, Good Men Project, Lonely Christmas, Sad and Lonely, Sad and Lonely during Christmas,

Divorce can be especially painful during the holidays. Laura Miolla gives these 7 tips for evolving into the New Year

How Strong Is Your Marriage? A Checklist

Good Men Project, 9 Check-Ins, Jennifer Gunsaullus, Dr Gunsaullus, Marriage Advice, Communication, Relationships, Checking in with your Spouse

Dr. Gunsaullus gives readers 9 things to check in their marriage so their spouses won’t check-out

Is Your Perception of Your Husband Hurting or Helping Your Relationship?

solitary husband

Author Karen Jones gives you great advice to help you re-think everyday problems with your man.

Touch Isolation: Insisting Boys Learn Independence Creates an Isolating Trap for Men


Mark Greene believes that men heckle women about frequency of sex because men key on it as authentic contact in lives otherwise cut off from connection.

Give Me My Smartphone or Give Me Death


In the latest installment of “Love, Recorded,” phones stop working. Does life go on?

The Bus Ride And That Smile

Josh Misner and Son

Josh Misner took his son to see hydroplane racing. But the 200 mph boats were the not nearly the best part of the day.

The Pros and Cons of Sexting

siren sexting image by notions capital

Shortform freestyle erotica can be a beautiful tool used for connection and exploration of sexuality. It can be used to disconnect, as well.

Wandering Ox


After being uprooted from South Vietnam for adoption as a baby, Kevin Minh Allen has come to understand “home” as someplace you will eventually leave.

Four Words that Can Change the Way We Live


There are many simple, powerful phrases we use.