How To Touch Her


Learning how to flirt and touch a woman in a way that is both consensual and sexy is a fine art. Dr. NerdLove gives guys a primer.

What Led Me to Abandon My Stay-at-Home-Dad Community

What Led Me to Abandon My Stay-at-Home-Dad Community

Brent Brookhouse joined an online stay-at-home-dad group for discussion and support, instead found a faction of fathers who railed against the stereotyping of men, while marginalizing and harassing women.

“Rape Culture” Will End When Consent Becomes Sexy

Rape Culture Will End by Kickstarter

Look out rape culture, this 22-year-old entrepreneur’s gonna take you down, one thong at a time.

“Can Women rape men? Most people think that they can’t.”

Male Abuse

This comment by Archy on the post Male Rape Survivors and Victim Blaming

Teaching Boys to Respect Girls


How can we teach boys respect if we don’t give them any?

Stop Saying That You’re A Great Lover

Photo: Flickr / brotherM

The title of “Great Lover” is one you earn, not one you claim for yourself. And it can take work. Very fun work.

Do You Really Wish It Had Been You?

photo tausend und eins

Rape is not sex seems like the most obvious fact in the world. Then why do we call some guys “lucky” asks Danny.

Consent 102: Clarifying the Gray Spaces

grease danny sandy car resized

Andrew Smiler offers three suggestions on how to leave the gray zone of sexual consent.

Why Non-Verbal Signals Fail as Substitutes For Consent

bit lip

Scott Heerman explains the problematic nature of relying up on signals as sexual consent.

An Open Letter to the Rapey Frat Brother and the “How to Get Laid” Generation


Jamie Utt offers the Georgia Tech student who called women “rapebait” a sex-positive view of masculinity and party culture.

Five Reasons Why Honest Sex is Awesome Sex


Zach Rosenberg shares five reasons why it’s best to be open with your partner in bed.

Groping: A Jewish Perspective

Groping, Jewish perspective, Mayor Filner, sexual assault

Cliff Mazer, PhD, looks at the ways in which society has been letting sexual gropers get away with assault, and reflects during these High Holy Days on what the community can do to help stop it.

Everything We Think About Porn is Wrong


Shifting the blame onto pornography is little more than self-diversion from our own failings

“Sexual abuse of men happens much more often than anyone seems ready to admit.”


These are comments by Christopher Anderson, Scott Mauer, and trey1963 on the post “I Am a Survivor, and I Can Finally Talk About It”.

The Consent Challenge


Shireen Noble offers a personal challenge: a way to actively engage with consent culture in your own life.

A Letter To My Son About Consent

photo by clickflashphotos

Finn Wightman writes to her son about consent because, as she says, “I love you too much to leave these things unsaid.”