Dear Liberals, We Need to Talk

Once we understand our role, then can we begin to accept our responsibilities and move towards an existence where it’s not all about us.

A Personal Awakening on Racism in America

Donald Trump’s initial refusal to disavow David Duke reveals the prevalence of racism in America.

Trump: What We Get for Caring More About the Super Bowl than Politics

Trump is a maniac, but he might be exactly the maniac we need.

Ted Cruz is a Duck Dynasty Fan. Is Anyone Really Surprised?

Ted Cruz Would Like To Make Phil Robertson A U.N. Ambassador, Praises Him For Speaking With “Joy”

Divide and Conquer Politics made Easy in America

Is the two party system in America doing anyone any good?

Ted Cruz Has Somehow Scored Another Frightening Antigay Endorsement

Republicans are taking an unusually harsh stance on human rights this election season, and the latest endorsements of Ted Cruz show no improvement.

The War on Christmas Isn’t a War. Or a Thing.

Mike Reynolds digs deep into the fabricated war, and tells us what is behind the phrase “Happy Holidays.”

Are You Afraid To Talk About Racism?

To combat racism and heal society we must first be able to talk about it. Until then, nothing will change.

Dogma and the Intellectual: How my College Buddy was Blinded by Bias

If you think you can separate the wheat from the chaff with IQ tests and snazzy credentials, prepare to be sorely disappointed: because smart people with MAs and PhDs are often blinded by bias. ––– “The intellectual life has a certain spontaneous character and inner determination. It has also a peculiar poise of its own, […]

Where Have All The Social Conservatives Gone?

Social conservatives are no longer the majority in American society.

Shutting Down Homeland Security Is All About The GOP

A fight inside the Republican Party is why it’s possible that the Department of Homeland Security will be shut down this weekend.

Tearing Pages Out of Textbooks is Not Censorship?

Knowledge enlightens and empowers people and is an essential building block of civilization. Censorship prevents knowledge and narrows the mind.

Trolling Liberals For Fun And Profit

A recent Fox News clip on street harassment shows the perverse incentives in the conservative media at work.

Big Government, Texas Style

The divide between conservatives and liberals is more about what government should do, not how big it should be.

John Boehner’s Epic Fail

The Republican failure to pass their own bill to address the border crisis shows GOP dysfunction at its worst.