Sacred Archetypes of Modern Masculinity: The Craftsman

The Craftsman asks us to craft our lives with careful attention to detail and not merely float through them.

This is What Teamwork Looks Like

Oftentimes getting a job done requires the strength and skill of many.

NEW STUDY: Majority of Construction Site Deaths are Latino or Immigrant Workers

OSHA inspectors have cut down on the number of OSHA visits due to budget cuts, to the point where an average workplace only receives an OSHA visit every 99 years.

Time Lapse Video of the New World Trade Center Tower (Video)

Looking at the goodness that was built after 9/11. Three years, one time lapse.

How Do You Move a 1,100 Ton Bridge? [Video]

A rickety bridge in Portland is finally being replaced with some engineering magic.

Due Home Any Time Now

“Dale’s bloody hump ass sprawled in the street is my form of negative advertising: Don’t Hit Mommy.” by Martin Barkley

Cisco Araya, Real Father

Cisco Araya is a a little bit opera, a little bit heavy metal, and an entirely devoted husband and father.

Do It Yourself, America

In a world where anyone can watch fifteen ways to sharpen a hand saw or to build a rail gun, is craftsmanship lost?

Odd Jobbing

There’s a reason they call Economics “the dismal science.”

Drink Up: House of Beer Cans

Jamie Reidy comments on a New Mexico house built with beer cans.

Treehouse Envy

There are many ways for a man to measure his success as a father. For William Lucas Walker, it came down to whose kids got the coolest treehouse.

Toys: Can’t We All Just Get Along? [#lego @myshelltabu]

Connect all of your childhood toys together with universal adaptor blocks.

“My father was a saw filer for 45 years (keeping everything sharp in a large sawmill), but he was also a good carpenter.”

“I went to college, got my four year degree in 1976, and then realized that it meant nothing in the real world.”

The Morning I Sh*t Myself

When you gotta go, sometimes you still don’t go.

Despite Employment Uptick, Men Should Embrace ‘Feminine’ Jobs

Last year’s employment gains shouldn’t be interpreted as an end to the threats to male success in the workforce.

The 10 at 10

Breakups are really painful, the Cansecos make a swap, and the president talks Libya.