When Men Need Surgery: How Do You Shop For It?

Shopping for consumer friendly surgery packages shouldn’t be an exercise in futility.

How to Want Very Little

It’s okay to want things. But what if you were satisfied with simply acknowledging your desire and not acting on it?

The False Conflict of Starbucks and the Red Cups

Halloween is barely over, and we’re sparring about this ongoing, fictional “War on Christmas” because of the color of Starbucks cups. Is this real life?

Being an Ethical Consumer

Patrick Paglen explains how we are ethically accountable for the spending choices we make. “That was an interesting encounter,” my friend observed as we came out of the service station. He was paying for gas for our car trip, when he ran into someone he had not seen since he was a teenager – not […]

A Minimalist in NYC

Leo Babauta asserts that you can be a minimalist anywhere. All you need to do is reject consumerism, and learn to be content with little.

Can You Live Without?

It’s time for people to question the necessity of ‘things.’

Don’t Feed the Machine: Give the Gift of Presence This Year

The machine of capitalism is hungry. Are you willing to stop feeding it, at least for a little bit? Doug Zeigler ponders valuing things over presence.

10 Essentials

Leo Babauta on consumerism — and how you really don’t need it to be happy.

We Are Not Consumers

Leo Babauta wants to help you break away from the consumerist mindset.

Consume! On Bros and Defining the American Dream

The real issue with male apathy toward education is how it’s framed. It’s a language problem.

The Making of a Wild Child

Get your child in the wild and the wild in your child because kids are natural in nature!

The True Cost of Stuff

The cost of purchasing an item just scratches the surface.

Buying is not the Solution

Stop yourself before going out to buy things. See what you already have that you can use.

Here’s a List of What One Guy DID NOT Buy From TARGET Today

The easiest way to create social change is to wield your consumer power wisely. Here’s one man setting out to do just that.

The Terms of Real Freedom

When corporate powers seek to destroy, each individual has the power and responsibility to end exploitation.

10 Reasons I Love Jameson Irish Whiskey

Cameron Conaway used to occasionally ask for Jameson when he wanted whiskey. Now it’s his top choice. Here are a few reasons why.