Pope Francis Condemns Same-Sex Couples As Not Part Of God’s Plan

Just in case you were wondering, yes, the “cool” pope is still really grossed out by queers.

Why Boys Need To Have Conversations About Emotional Intimacy IN The Classroom

American classrooms do not talk frankly about teenage love or emotional intimacy.

The Contraceptive Pill Was a Revolution for Women and Men

The recent death of Carl Djerassi calls on us to consider the world he helped change.

Tearing Pages Out of Textbooks is Not Censorship?

Knowledge enlightens and empowers people and is an essential building block of civilization. Censorship prevents knowledge and narrows the mind.

Need Contraception for Health and Family Planning? Ask Your Boss.

Now instead of consulting with your doctor, loved ones and insurance company, your boss will dictate what contraceptive methods, if any, are affordable for you

Help Support Real Sex Education

The internet’s best sex information resource for teenagers needs your help.

Thank God I’m a Violent Man

Gregory Jaquet thinks Catholic-inspired Latin American culture creates the framework for domestic violence.

Pope Francis: Catholic Church too ‘Obsessed’ With Social Issues

Pope Francis believes it is time for the Catholic Church to find a new balance, with the focus being less on social issues and more on “healing the wounds of it’s faithful.”

When It Comes To Fighting Child Mortality, a Condom Can Make All The Difference

Jean Pierre-Kanedry delivers contraceptives to health clinics in Senegal.

Back to Basics: The Vasectomy Files 13

As Jonathan Stack points out, “The biggest challenge always to increasing men’s acceptance of vasectomies is overcoming our fears about our own sexuality.”

OPEN THREAD: Discussion of NYTimes Opinion Piece “Is Forced Fatherhood Fair?”

We would like to talk about men’s reproductive rights.

Illinois Passes Bill for Comprehensive Sex-Ed in Public Schools

“In fantasy land, we teach our kids abstinence—and they listen.”

Is Plan B the Most Convenient Solution to Teen Sex? [OpEd]

Jason Bruce wants his daughter to involve him in the event she needs Plan B.

Human Trafficking & Abortion: Not the Same Thing, Not Equivalent

The constant link to equate human trafficking with abortion is harmful to the one that’s actually a crime.

Parables of Reproductive Justice: An Interview with Rev. Matthew Westfox

What do the Bible and Jesus Christ have to say about a woman’s right to choose?

Wimpy Guy’s Guide To Getting A Vasectomy

Jay Palter wants you to know that getting snipped is really not a big deal.