Podcast – Winning/Losing and Special Guest John Salley

This week we talk about winning and losing and the lessons learned from competing, while interviewing John Salley.

Attitude Impacts Everything

Attitude Impacts Everything

Do You Have Control Issues?

Sean Swaby takes a humorous look at our control issues.

Critical Things You Must Quit Doing Now to Be More Successful

Success isn’t just about taking action. It’s also about choosing which actions not to take.

The (Martial) Art of Good Men

The insider reality of martial arts can offer a deep, rich soil for growing and nurturing enlightened masculinity.

5 Ways to Escape Falling Prey to the Anger Trap

Avoiding getting caught in this emotion is important for good health, improved social interactions, and increased performance at work.

How to Go From Powerless to Empowered

Counselor Carl explains how to activate a healthy, empowered life by changing our take on responsibility and control.

What Does Sexual Purity Mean?

One woman’s candid perspective on a sensitive issue.

A Completely Different Version of Life

One couple share how they revamped their life by cutting WAY back.

How Can I Help My Girlfriend Accept My Son?

His girlfriend can only see his ex when she looks at his son.

Six Months a Year Without My Kids?

A mother of three explains one of the most difficult challenges handed to her yet.

Leading Transitions

Generally speaking, we prefer to endure more pain for the sake of having control.

The Broken Brain Podcast: Halloween & Fear

Can PSYCHO-therapists survive “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and reveal to you it’s deeper meanings?

Letting Go of the Need for Control

I don’t have to act. I can just sit.

When You Control Your Spouse You Poison Your Life

To be “the man” in a relationship, you need to own your part of it, not hers or his.

The Doorway to Love Is a Broken Heart

I dare you to let the hammer of love smash open your heart.