Does Masculinity Really Need to be ‘Reshaped?’

The Good Men Project Community talks with Publisher and CEO, Lisa Hickey, about what it means to be a man today.

1BlueString And The Power Of Partnerships

Bobby Dennis on the power of music for male sexual abuse survivors.

We Eat Stereotypes For Lunch Around Here

Join The Good Men Project community. It’s the conversation no one else is having. Even after all these years.

Masculinity is Much More Than Money and Muscles. Yes Really.

The Good Men Project Community talks with Publisher and CEO, Lisa Hickey, about what it means to be a man today.

The Real Talk Conversation that Could Bring Couples Back to the Beginning

What do we say to our partners when the real talking stops?

Call for Submissions: What Makes a Man Emotionally Attractive?

What causes your heart to expand and love him even more?

It Happens to Men, Too

Women are the victims, and men are the aggressors. At least that’s how the story is usually told. But men can be victims too.

Join Us In Changing the Conversation About Men and Masculinity in the 21st Century

The Good Men Project is the only large-scale international conversation about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century. There are plenty of ways to join in.

So, You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling, Now What?

Exploring imagination, triggers, criticism and habit, Paulette Bibeau discovers the power of thought to affect her relationship.

Sex Education is letting British Teenagers Down

We need to look deeper at our society and the moral meanings that are attached to sexuality, sexual behaviour and sex and relationship education.

Getting Better: Exposure Work with Disclosing a Diagnosis

Steve Colori reflects on a conversation with his doctor, and how it weaved into the plan to disclose his diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder to the outside world.

Without an Agenda

For a true, sincere connection to occur, there cannot be an agenda.

Talking and Drinking: The Culture, Community and Conversation of Men

There is a language in the beverage and the men we share it with.

The Silence and Stigma of Men’s Fertility

There are a lot of men (and couples) who have fertility problems. But it’s a Great Unspoken Thing.

Comment of the Day: ‘I have three friends that have been…”

Embed from Getty Images This comment was made by DJ on the post “Why I’m Not Afraid to Admit I Love my Man Friends” by Jonathan Veith. — I have three friends that have been friends since we were 9 years old, and I can affirm every world you’ve written here. Not a one of them have not […]

Another Good Year for The Good Men Project

You keep us inspired, hopeful, and willing to have the tough conversations. Join us as we look back on this past year and where we plan to go in 2016.