Why White People Freak Out When They’re Called Out About Race

white kills black

‘White fragility’ is a defensive response to real conversations about race.

Comment of the Day: When discussing passionate beliefs, attitude matters.


When it comes to discussing ideas and making intellectual progress, attitude matters.

The Hard Conversations Are Always Worth It

hard conversations

Do you find yourself wanting to chat with people at an honest, real level yet can’t do it? Joe Rutland considers the power in having hard conversations that matter.

Inspiration Unpacked – How to Have Important Conversations

men talking

Is it not only to our benefit to know how to discuss important issues, but also, our responsibility? Chris HIcke says yes.

Social Media Does Not Believe in Tears

steven locke art and everything after

Steve Locke likes Facebook. But he is not willing to debate with anyone who thinks people who look like him are less than human. You cannot give racism an equal standing in a conversation without being racist.

Fallout From Ferguson II: The Biggest Opportunity For Our Society

Police Shooting Missouri

David Shechtman urges us to look at what we can create out of Ferguson, and gives four action steps for how we can move forward together.

‘I’m the Peace Man’

JMS Peaceman

Jeff Sparr is a man on an audacious mission — a mission to make mental illness cool to support.

Tuesday’s Reader Tweets of the Day


See what people are sharing about @goodmenproject on Twitter!

49 Bye-Byes


“Have you seen the baby?” So began a lifetime friendship with John Kevin Dark and his neighbor.

The Blame Game: Scoring Points by Pointing Fingers

finger pointing photo by gabus

A conversation between Brian Rutter and a dad at a their kids softball game makes him wonder: Why all the judgment at a Saturday game?

That’s Right, This Man’s Talking About the V-Word, and You Should, Too

vulnerability, sharing, social excellence

All the most important, life-changing, powerful conversations require vulnerability, yet men are discouraged from even experimenting with the V-word.


If I Had Something to Say photo by re_birf

Lou Aronica believes that we all need more of the talkin’ tribes. That is why he started Authors First—for writers and talkers.

Young Men Want to Matter- Here’s How

handshake, organization, relationships, greetings, meetings, socialize, social

Handshakes can change the world.

The Myth of the Mute Male

Men do talk about more than just football and beer.

Dillan DiGiovanni grew up with the myth that men don’t talk or share, and has (happily) found it to be untrue.

Second Dates Guaranteed

b and w kiss

Natalie Vartanian offers guys one single tip on how to turn a first date into something more.

Don’t Touch That Dial

car radio photo by Mike Licht NotionsCapital.com

Nate Owens remembers the music he listened to in the car with his father, and the music that he listens to in the car with his own son.