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This is the Lady Your Pastor Warned You About


Straight, Evangelical Christian, Kathy Baldock, has a message for other Christians about LGBT people they need to hear.

Why are We Still Trying to “Fix” Gays?

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Decades of trying make gay men straight have proven to do to more harm than good. So why have only two states outlawed reparative therapy?

LGBT Youth & the Tyranny of Christian Conversion Therapy


Conversion Therapy is a problem of religion and society, not a problem of gender and sexual identity.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Signs Bill Banning Conversion Therapy for Minors

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill Monday which bans conversion therapy for minors.

Ex-Gay Advocate Group PFOX Claims Conversion Therapy Would Save Gay Men From AIDS

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Christopher Doyle and his ex-gay advocacy group PFOX insist conversion therapy would help “save gay men from AIDS and suicide.”

Why Arguing the “Clobber Passages” Might Be Helpful Now


Evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, I think there is a place for thoughtful engagement over the “clobber passages.”

The Young Turks: Gay Teens Killed and Tortured in ‘Conversion’ Camps (VIDEO)

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Three “gay and effeminate” teens have died after being starved, tortured and killed at a camp that promised to turn them into “men”.

New York Considers Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors

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Dr. Jack Drescher said, “If you really want to educate the public about the risks of these treatments, the fact that there are states that have outlawed these treatments should be a chilling fact.”

Law That Would Ban ‘Conversion Therapy’ For Minors Blocked by Federal Court

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Conversion therapy is controversial, dangerous, and ineffective. But Christian-rights groups claim banning it violates the right to free speech.

Biting Bad Apples: The Truth About the “Ex-Gay” Movement


The conversion therapy business may be more about making money than setting you straight.

Gay-to-Straight Conversion Therapy Challenged in the Courts

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Joanna Schroeder hopes that the courts expose the greater truth about so-called “Reparative Therapies”, which take advantage of the anguish some men experience when their same-sex attraction conflicts with their spiritual beliefs.

A Noted Psychiatrist Said Gays Can Become Straight. Now He Says He’s Wrong. Not Good Enough.

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Jesse Kornbluth: “If ever a shrink needed a shrink, it’s Spitzer.”