Confessions of a Conversion Therapy Survivor

I’ve spent so much of my life trying to be like everyone else, I sometimes wonder who I really am or who I would have been if it were not for decades of rehearsing to be a different character.

Honestly Deceptive: The Art and Science of Self-deception

What we see in other people is seldom as it appears, but what we see in ourselves may not be true either.

What Does The Fight for LGBT Rights Look Like in 2016?

Legalizing same sex marriage didn’t make acceptance easier for many in the LGBT community. There is much more work to do.

How to Help Religious Parents Face Having A Gay Child

For many religious parents, finding out their child is gay represents anything from a personal failing to a dream slipping out of their grasp.

How to Spot Anti-Trans Concern Trolls

Meet the concern trolls. Actually, you probably already know them. They look like allies, but their agenda is anything but friendly. And this on one of their “causes”.

These Former Ex-gay Leaders Are Not Going Away

Former ex-gay ministers work to keep others from falling prey to the gay conversion machine.

5 Facts About Conversion Therapy We Know For Sure

These surprising, but simple truths are often missing in the discussion about conversion therapy.

What Does “Ex-Gay” Really Mean?

The term “ex-gay” has become a political missile from right wing politics. What are they trying to say?

Coming Out When You’re Married

Getting honest and facing reality is a heart wrenching and difficult decision.


We welcome President Obama’s statement and stand with him in opposition to reparative therapy for minors, and call on everyone, regardless of political affiliation, to stand with us and put an end, once and for all, to this practice.

The 4 Problems With Reparative Therapy Laws

A former “ex-gay” movement leader rips up the argument against laws that ban therapists from trying to convert LGBT kids.

An Open Letter to the Virginia State Republican Senators Re: SB988

SB988 would have stopped reparative therapy for minors in Virgina.

Catholic Therapy, or Sexuality and Gender Abuse?

The church dictates the norm for identity and sexuality while upholding the norm to the point of abuse.

Religious Freedoms or Bad Medicine?

Does our right to religious freedom include the endangerment of our LGBT youth?

Want to Help Stop LGBT Teens From Committing Suicide? End Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy isn’t health care. It’s abuse. Miri Mogilevsky on the tragic death of Leelah Alcorn, and what we need to do to save our kids.

Gays, Parenting, and Religion, a 2014 Remix

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