A Stay-At-Home Dad Declares “I am a Mother”


Blogger and stay-at-home dad Adam Hall knows he fills a non-traditional role. He would like you to understand exactly what that role is — once he figures it out himself.

Throw Away Your Cookie Cutters


This holiday season, Jarad Dewing urges you to forgo the traditional molds and let creativity reign.

Conversations with My 2-Year-Old: The Cookie Edition (Video)


Matthew Clarke’s conversation with his daughter about her really wanting a cookie is reenacted with him and another full-grown adult.

“If someone makes fun of my son because of the color of his oven, that person doesn’t get any cookies.”


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Dad Keeps Secrets for Sanity

Photo by F#&%in’ Billy

Dad admits to the 10 biggest secrets he keeps from his kids

“What gift do you get for someone who’s dying? Buy her a nice dress and slow dance in the living room.”

Mum And Dads Silver Wedding Anniversary

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Oreo Cookie Car

Oreo Cookie Car

Culture: The Dark Side *Does* Have Cookies!

Mmm, delicious force choking goodness in cookie form …

Guestpost #50: M – Ten things I've learned from my first year of working at UVic

Note: My name is M, and I’ve worked at the University of Victoria for almost a year.  I got my BA for History In Art here, and have learned just how different it is to work here than be a student.  Not better, not worse, just different.  A lot of people in Victoria (and elsewhere, […]

Guestpost #39: Michael Mackay – Ten things I’ve learned from working in a cookie factory

Mike is one of my longest (i.e. he is tall AND we have known each other since high school) friends. We still hang out, play basketball, and go to soca fetes together from time to time (we are busy dudes, he and I). Mike is a really together guy, and that is how he is […]

Ten things I’ve learned from selling kitchen supplies door-to-door

People do not like to be bugged at home. Cookies and tea and some real human hospitality are a miracle for a teenage lad in the freezing Toronto winter. If you steal change from a donut store to pay for a day-old bag of donuts, you are a bad human being. If you hire teenagers […]