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A parent of a finicky eater turns to ‘Dear Dad’ for advice on how many meals to offer a child with a particular palate.

The Heart of the Home with ‘The Cook At Home Dad': Ratatouille


In a bid to get children to eat healthier, ‘The Cook At Home Dad’ shares tips and recipes he creates for and with his kids.

The Secret to Getting Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

The Paderno Spiral Slicer

Spiral slice your way to smiles.

The Quickest Way to a Kid’s Heart

Doyin Richards explains how cooking can be one of the best ways parents can bond with their children.

Dads Cookin’ With Kids; Mike Adamick’s Pasta Alla Carbonara


Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipe’s Author Shares Flavor

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What can you do to save the most precious resource on the planet? The answer might be sitting on your dinner plate.

Dads Cookin’ With Kids; Recipes that Bond


4 Ingredient Recipes for Dads that Rock

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Calling on Dad Chefs/Cooks to Feature ‘Kid Fun’ Recipes

Vegan and Non-Vegan: 7 Relationship Survival Tips


…what do you do when you’ve gotten it all right except for one tiny detail—you’re a vegan, but your partner? Not so much.

Dinner with a Dude?

cooking dinner

You’ve been given the chance to make dinner for a hero. Who’s it going to be?

Making The One You’re With, The One You Love.

Seeing is believing

Looking without seeing. At some point in the relationship we fail to see that our heart’s desire is right in front of us.

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James Halcomb reviews National Geographic’s new shows and finds a Monday night for the food and drink lover in you.

Food Hacks for Thanksgiving and Beyond

food hacks thx

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Now that’s what you call a cooking hack.