Taco Today: Learning to Love Cooking for One After a Separation

Taco Today: Learning to Love Cooking for One After a Separation

Newly separated, Ben Railton is beginning to realize that cooking for himself can be just as meaningful as cooking for his entire family.

Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection

Three years. Five continents. One motorcycle.

Why did Allan Karl sell nearly everything he owned, pack up, and travel the world for three years – alone – on a motorcycle?

Grilling Vegetables. It’s Easy, Once You Know How.


It’s that time of year again. Summer is the season of the grill.

How to Cut a Pineapple, That Most Intimidating of Fruit


Have you ever looked at the whole pineapples in the produce section of your grocery store and thought, “what in the world do I do with that?”

Cut 10 Small Tomatoes With a Single Stroke of a Knife


How to cut tomatoes like a Ninja. All it takes is a sharp knife and two small plates. This is definitely one of those “why didn’t I think of that” life hacks.

A Boy from New Jersey Learns About BBQ


Stephen and Adam Podowitz-Thomas of The Next Family share what happens when New Jersey and North Carolina meet over BBQ.

Yes You Can! Peel a Bag of Potatoes in Under a Minute. Watch How.

fast potato peeling

For today’s DIY of the Day, we bring to you the fine art of potato peeling.

Stir-Fry Love: Cooking with Mom

The Wok

With Mother’s Day approaching, Ryan Chin remembers cooking with his mother as he prepares a meal for his own family in her wok.

Men Do Silly Stuff to Impress People: Baking a Cake With a Muscle Stimulator

Capture d’écran 2014-03-12 à 20.07.08

Watch those two dudes trying to mix ingredients and bake while their arms muscles are stimulated by an electric machine.

How Cooking Can Change Your Life

Cooking can change your life

Why we should eat everything we want. But cook it ourselves.

Why Food Traditions Matter: A Story Told In Dumplings


Amy Butcher relates how entire relationships can pivot around something as simple as sticky dough.

One Man’s Deeply, Deeply Personal Year in Review

#11 Get rubber duckie collection to 300. Fail. Only got to 250.

JJ Vincent reflects on 2013 and the things he didn’t accomplish.

8 Reasons You Need a Slow-Cooker This Season


Jarad Dewing tells you why you can’t live without a crockpot this holiday season.

Breaking the Stereotype That Reading isn’t Manly

man reading- M. Pratter-flickr

Nicolas Gremion asserts that if we could make the culinary arts cool for men, then we can make reading cool, too.

5 Ways to be Alternative

Way to be Alternative photo by carbonnyc

Gint Aras believes it’s easy to be cool. But alternative? That’s a bit more challenging.

Two Men with Gravy Changed Me Forever

dinner napkin 2

Two men have forever changed the food on Molly Thompson’s holiday table and her traditions for preparing it.