Man-to-Man With American in Israel Who is Protesting Mandatory National Service

Cooper Fleishman sits down with Moriel Rothman, an American in Israel who will go to jail rather than be forced to join the Israeli Armed Forces.

Dad Finds Porn on Son’s Computer, Leaves Compassionate Note

Upon finding porn on his son’s computer, a father leaves him a note full of love, empathy and compassion… And tips for getting virus-free pornography.

Is the Overuse of the Word “Literally” Figuratively Making You Pull Your Hair Out?

Do you have friends and family who misuse the word “literally”? Send them this post.

Special Needs Boy Abused on School Bus, Why Didn’t Anyone Help?

Cooper Fleishman reports on the video of a special needs child being burned, screamed at and beaten up on a school bus, and wonders what could have been done to prevent such horrifying abuse.

What’s a Sexual Assault Victim to Do When the Justice System Fails Her?

Cooper Fleishman hopes 17 year-old sexual assault victim Savanna Dietrich will be shown the same leniency in sentencing for violating a gag order that her attackers were shown in their punishments.

Let’s Imagine a World Where Women Cut Men’s D**ks Off

Curtis Luciani and Cooper Fleishman imagine how rape jokes would be different were the gender roles in comedy reversed.

Swedish Man Cleared of Rape Charges Because Victim Had a Penis

Cooper Fleishman is horrified that despite Sweden’s gender-neutral rape laws, a case was thrown out because the victim was a transwoman.

Cooper Fleishman on CBC’s ‘Manthropology’

Our very own Cooper Fleishman was featured on CBC’s weekly podcast “Manthropology.”