War and Circumstance: The Brutalization of My Brothers

Austin Harrington reflects on the unprovoked, violent attacks on fellow African Americans by police.

The Senseless Death of a Boy, and the Grief of the Cop Who Couldn’t Save Him

A cop’s honest, heartfelt pain after witnessing the effects of gun violence and the death of a little boy the same age as his own.

Courtesy, Professionalism, and Respect: Demanding Better from the Police While Still Appreciating What They Do

Shawn Henfling offers a way to respect the police but not their corrupt actions.

#GMPChat: Cops and the Community

How do we improve relations between police and civilians, particularly for communities of color? Join our #GMPChat on Wednesday, December 17th at 9:00pm Est.

Decriminalizing Trauma

Some new alternatives to “Fight, Flight or Freeze.”

A Reminder That Cops Really Can Be the Good Guys

These generous and compassionate officers on the Boynton Beach police force embody the “serve” in serve and protect.

I Bought Beer For Teenage Boys

And I would do it again.

Cops on the Juice

Should cops be allowed to use anabolic steroids if it helps them do their jobs better? David Stanley explores.

Get Inside and Start Watching More TV

Patrick Brothwell is an out and proud tv watcher. Here’s why.