Have We Lost the Human in the Humanities?

human in humanities by freakyman

The study of humanities ignores living people. Mikhail Epstein calls out for a new humanities that seeks to transform the human condition.

Last Christmas

Special ornaments mean different things to different people.

Over drinks at a Honky Tonk Bar, Joe Hutcheson and his Significant Other had an unexpected conversation about just what those “special ornaments” mean.

McDonald’s Advice To Underpaid Employees: Sell Your Christmas Presents For Cash

ABJREK Las Vegas, Nevada, America

Adam Peck on the world’s largest fast food chain’s helpful holiday tips for their employees.

This Is Rage 9: Show Me Your Bulls


Internet Radio phenomenon Kimo Balthazer is up to his tricks again, posting on his site: Bad News: EnvisionInk Does Not Seem to Want Choy & Finkelman Back, Good News: Here is a Picture of Ben & Jerry, Zoom & Spread Viral

An Introduction to Politics

photo by MCAD library

Vincent Scarpa wants to talk politics, and he’s inviting everyone into the discussion.