Do You Measure Quality of Life by Indulgence?

Since when has it come to be that quality of life is directly proportional to how well we let ourselves indulge?

Have We Lost the Human in the Humanities?

The study of humanities ignores living people. Mikhail Epstein calls out for a new humanities that seeks to transform the human condition.

Last Christmas

Over drinks at a Honky Tonk Bar, Joe Hutcheson and his Significant Other had an unexpected conversation about just what those “special ornaments” mean.

McDonald’s Advice To Underpaid Employees: Sell Your Christmas Presents For Cash

Adam Peck on the world’s largest fast food chain’s helpful holiday tips for their employees.

This Is Rage 9: Show Me Your Bulls

Internet Radio phenomenon Kimo Balthazer is up to his tricks again, posting on his site: Bad News: EnvisionInk Does Not Seem to Want Choy & Finkelman Back, Good News: Here is a Picture of Ben & Jerry, Zoom & Spread Viral

An Introduction to Politics

Vincent Scarpa wants to talk politics, and he’s inviting everyone into the discussion.