Can the Tears of Men Help Heal the World?


Holding in grief is not just emotionally dangerous for men, it also affects physical health and is definite detriment of society

8 Guaranteed Ways to Deal With Stress, Taxes and Idiot Penalties.

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Stress will shorten your life, learn how to relax and be free.
If you’re anything like me, today is one of the most stressful days of the year. It’s tax day.

Why Men Need to Touch Each Other More

touch, importance of touch

Michelangelo once said, “To touch can be to give life.” Science has proven his words correct.

5 Ways Cuddling Makes Us Healthier

how to cuddle, cuddling, men's health, hugging, snuggling, touch, de-stress, men with puppies, massage, praying, hot baths

Touch releases oxytocin, which makes us feel better. But can hugging make us better human beings?

Kiss and Make it Better: How Kissing Affects our Health

Silhouette Kissing

Pucker up! Kissing isn’t just fun—it’s good for your health!

Five Myths About Stress That Might Be Making Us Sick


Stress is bad; everyone knows that, right?

Your Body Wants You to Know: Why You’re Still Tired this Morning

Hammock Tired

Kate Bartolotta helps us get the most out of every minute of shuteye.

What Happens When You Ignore Pain

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You can tough it out, but the body keeps the score through the effects of cortisol. Kate Bartolotta offers several drug free alternatives for chronic pain management.

How to Nap

afternoon nap, sleep, men's health

Go ahead and nap: you’ll be in good company, and better health.

The Uniform of Gender


Gender is like a uniform you can’t take off.

Why Americans Are So Fat


The gluttony of food manufacturers is to blame for the obesity crisis, not individual eaters.