Gender and the Body par excellence

Tara Fannon considers the male body, countenance, consumption, and control.

So, About Those Uneven Balls

What would it take for you to have genital cosmetic surgery?

A Few of My Favourite Things

Talk of appearances leads Donald D’Haene to discover his friends’ inner beauty.

Plastic Surgery: It’s Not Just for Women Anymore

More men are having liposuction, Botox injections, laser hair removal, and other cosmetic procedures.

Dear John: “Guys Weekend” Had More Girls, Fewer Clothes

This week Dear John addresses a skinny-dipping party, concern for an alienated friend, and cosmetic surgery.

In Praise of Large-Minded Women

Mark Radcliffe regrets his recklessness in writing on a delicate subject. For this essay, he redirects the focus to the most attractive of a woman’s attributes: her mind.

Intersex and Gender Surgery

Some interesting debate has been going on in the circumcision post about genital surgery on children. Therefore, I felt it was time to bring up one of the most important and overlooked issues about children and genital surgery. The intersex. An intersex person was born with anatomy that doesn’t match the ordinary definitions of female […]

Cocks Rock Part Five: Circumcision

Depicted: as a doctor looms over him with a scalpel, a baby screams “no” while pointing to a news article that says “Circumcision No Longer Recommended.” Behind him, his mother says to a nurse “he just said his first word!” ETA: I have made a mistake within this piece! Most American boys are currently circumcised […]

Dallas Wiens, America’s First Full-Face-Transplant Recipient, Comes Home

He credits more than 30 doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, 15 hours of surgery, and an anonymous donor.