The Crystal Anvil: Redefining The Online World of Cosplay


The Crystal Anvil is looking to create a single online home for lovers of Cosplay, Alex Yarde reports

So What’s the Appeal of Comics Conventions? Family Fun, For One

wizard world 2

The Wizard World Comic Convention recently hit Sacramento. Jay Snook talked to a few attendees about the magic of the con.

Why Love Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

Good Men Project, Cosplay, Black Butler and Ciel, Jackson Bliss, Irrational Love, Why Relationships Don't Have to Make Sense, Love is Love, The Good Men Project

Jackson Bliss explains why love is beautiful precisely because it’s irrational

Nerds as Gatekeepers and Chauvinists


Three women discuss the prevalence of men acting as gatekeepers to sci-fi and fantasy. Why does it happen? What does it feel like?

What to Look For In a Woman

Girlfriend Rassmus

Dr. NerdLove helps guys figure out what would truly work for them in a relationship.

Lucky Number Seven: An Interview With Superstar Comics Artist @JamalIgle


Lucky Number Seven is a a brief interview with someone interesting in the public eye, chopped into easily consumed tidbits of data for your brain space. This time we sit down with superstar artist Jamal Igle, who just dropped the pint sized powerhouse Molly Danger on Free Comic Book Day.

Books: There Are No Lines: The What & Why of @MVMediaATL’s Steamfunk! Anthology [@hannibaltabu]


The essence of Black creativity in the shadow of the western world has been one of necessity and scarcity. “Make way out of no way” is the only consistent commandment from be-bop to hip hop, from STEM education to, finally, the science fiction that fueled many of those who sought it.

Geek Masculinity and the Spectre of the Fake Geek Girl


Rachel Edidin looks at what happens when an alternative model of masculinity gives rise to a nasty strain of misogyny.

Are Geeks Being Manipulated By Hot Girls?

Booth Babes

Joanna Schroeder offers an open letter to Joe Peacock, challenging his claims that he is an ally of female gamers, and rising to the defense of the Frag Dolls.

Fashion: Geek Beauty of The Month for June 2012 [#wrathofcon]

Komplicated presents a monthly taste of geek beauty for your desktop delight.

Fashion: Geek Beauty of The Month for June 2012 [@marvel #scarletwitch #cosplay]

As long as she doesn’t whisper “no more Black people,” we should be all right … probably …

Great Moments in Greatness: Black Justice League Cosplay [@blackheroeswrld]

Looking through an ebony lens, heroes come in many shades and colors.

Fashion: Geek Beauty of The Month for February 2012 [#sailormoon #cosplay]

Komplicated presents a monthly taste of geek beauty for your desktop delight.

Cosplay: Ororo and T’Challa Come To Life Before Your Eyes [@marvel]

Presented virtually without comment, as none seems needed.

Great Moments in Greatness: Sweet Christmas! [@marvel]

As close as we get to season’s greetings …

Conventions: Diving Into My First With Comikaze

Myshell Tabu reviews Comikaze Expo, Los Angeles