Isolation Is A Killer. Asking For Help Is All We Can Do

Shawn Henfling speaks about his own battle with depression and an actionable plan for helping others

Using Therapy to Overcome Common Marriage Blunders and Avoid Divorce

Some problems are worth fighting through, especially in a marriage.

GMP Dad Workshop: New Dads, How You Can “Baby Proof” Your Relationship

Having a baby can destroy your relationship. Being prepared makes an immense difference. This week’s video gives you 6 keys to maintaining a thriving relationship amidst the intensity of having a baby.

What Does Life After God Sound and Look Like?

Where can we go when we give up the life of belief? A Year Without God: The Film‘s Ryan Bell has started a new venture, the website and podcast Life After God that focuses on counseling—and preaching to—the former congregation. — Where do believers go when their faith has run out? Is there a place […]

See Jane Get Help and a Glimmer of Hope

Steve Horsmon teams up with Heather Gray to help Jane and John get out of their own way.

Saving a Marriage from the Shame of Infidelity

Shame is so ugly, it’s the least studied human experience. We don’t want to touch, talk, read, or think about it. John Harrison, a licensed counselor, explains why. — A new couple coming to me for counseling greet me at the door to my office for their Monday 11 a.m. appointment. They enter with a […]

The Male Face of a Mental Breakdown

I had been manning up and powering through things for years. I thought I could live the rest of my life without having to actually face the horror of the past. I was foolish.

A 5-Minute Guide to Understanding Depression

Depression affects more than 6 million men in America each year—and more who don’t recognize its symptoms or are ashamed to seek treatment.

The Empty Space

Cabot O’Callaghan shares his grief of finding then losing the father he never had.

The 10 Life Lessons a Dad Taught His Therapist Daughter

Jill Ceder gives counsel and insight to many. When she contemplates on her own life lessons she hears a very specific voice, that of her dad. She shares his wisdom here.

Why Men Might Not Go to Therapy

It might not be the men who need to change. It might be the therapists.

Reparenting Your Inner Child

Counselor Carl lights the path to healing childhood wounds.

How Men Learn to Act Like Men

If your idea of how to be a man leaves you feeling like something’s missing, you are not alone.

I Am A Woman & I Counsel Men About Their Careers, This is What I’ve Learned About Men & Work

In my role as a career counselor, I am able to work with male-identified clients to debunk the idea that the only noble goals in career are wealth and material goods.

Me, Myself and I: 9 Years Divorced, 9 Perspectives

Chris Armstrong takes a few different perspectives on his ended marriage.

For Mindful Men: No, Sex Won’t Heal Your Broken Heart

How do you heal a broken heart? Most of us have experienced this pain, but there are some important no-no’s (and mindful suggestions) to keep in mind.