Weird Things Couples Do in Public [video]

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If you are, or have ever been, part of a couple, you’ve probably done at least some of these. You can admit it. It’s okay.

Selfless or Revolving Your Whole Life Around Someone?


At what point does making someone else’s happiness your own become bad for you?

Make Her Laugh


“The best oral pleasure you will give or receive is making each other laugh after ten years.” -Luis

How To Know If They Are The Right One For You


Jordan Gray interviewed countless happily married couples about their relationships, and they all said that their relationship trajectory had been “easy”.

To My Partner, Walk Beside Me

couple on path

Even when we can’t walk the same footsteps, we can still walk the same path. A letter to the one you love.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Why So Many Men are Admitting to Faking Orgasms


As it seems, more men than you might think have such a tendency not to “finish what they start.”

You Say Potato and I Say Potahto — How Can We See the Same Thing So Differently?


Sometimes you need an opposite reality to counter your own.

10 Lessons Learnt From Sharing a Room With My Ex-Girlfriend

10 learnt Ben Seidelman

Jesco Puluj shares how confronting jealousy, grief, and guilt made him a better man.

Perfect vs. Real: How to Enjoy Our Partner’s Imperfections

Ideal vs Real by Kai Schreiber

Transformations coach Liz Foglesong offers thoughts on how to mend the rift between our unrealistic expectations and our partner’s true beauty.

Ten Ways Men Touch Their Wives Without Touching Them

Touching without touch

Steven Lake shows us how we can touch our partner without touching.

7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Two Crazy Marriages

7 Things I Wish by Daniel Oines

Twice-divorced, Thomas Fiffer digs into his past—without dissing his exes—to distill wisdom for everyone on dysfunctional relationships.

Learning to Be Your Partner’s Hero When They Need You Most

hero, marriage, couples, relationships

Warren and Betsy Talbot have found that their toughest adventures bring them closer together.

How The Rules for Fighting Saigon Traffic Can Help You Resolve Your Next Argument

Saigon Traffic

Trying to fight fairly can feel as confusing as navigating a city of 10 million without traffic lights. Jean Fitzpatrick gives us all some direction.

7 Common Relationship Traps Smart Couples Learn to Avoid


As a marriage counselor, Winifred Reilly has seen plenty of couples fall into these traps and she has some tips on how to avoid them.

Top 5 Things That Turn Men Off During Sex

sexy couple

A recent post on suggests these are the top 5 things that turn men off during sex and suggestions on how to deal with them.

Nate Bagley on Unbox Love

Unbox Love, date, happy couple

Nate Bagley wants to help busy couples break out of the “dinner-and-a-movie” dating box.