Babies Aren’t Born with Courage, and Neither are Men

When you do what you’re called to, you can trust the courage you need will follow.

Facing Machetes and Uncertainty

It takes courage to shatter your beliefs.

Be Fearless In Your Creation: Art Is Love And Life

“You gain nothing by discouraging an artist. You can gain everything by encouraging one.” Kevin Smith

From Trailblazer to Diaper Changer

This show is for the Dads who are ready to become fighters again, contenders in this life. Those who are ready to put down the remote and risk something.

Building Blocks to Becoming a Better Man—Part 2 Communication and Courage

Here are the next two foundational behaviors Kimberlie Dykeman believes men need to become better partners and better versions of themselves.

The Heart is a Man’s Strongest Muscle

It’s the beat of war drums ushering you on to fight for your freedom. The heart is your weapon, and with it, anything is possible.

How Has Martin Luther King, Jr. Inspired You?

A man asked his friends this simple question on social media and the responses are both eye-opening and heartwarming.

Never Mistake Kindness for Weakness

It may not seem that way, but kindness is a strength—and one we can develop through exercise.

AUDIO: The Power of Surrender

Surrendering to “what is” can be one of the most courageous acts a human being can choose to do—here’s why…

Can You Face Down Your Fear And Be Happy?

Imagine how much more of life you might experience if you quit listening to the lies your fear makes you believe?

Finding Your Purpose in a Society That No Longer Requires Men

We have a situation now where men have been given the greatest gift they could have ever hoped for, and it’s also our greatest curse.

7 Reasons Why People Stay In Unhealthy Relationships

Dr. Steve examines why leaving a dysfunctional relationship is so difficult. It’s deeper than you think.

Don’t Think Men Get Eating Disorders? Watch My Life-Changing Story

Why a man who overcame an eating disorder to lose 160 pounds still struggles to believe he’s lovable, worthy, and sexy enough to deserve to be happy.

10 Rules For a Happy Second Marriage

With roughly half of first marriages and nearly two thirds of second ones ending in divorce, we could use some advice on making marriage work the second time around.

It Is Not the Critic Who Counts

We all fear being criticized, even ostracized, by others. Three questions to help you stay true to yourself in the face of that fear.

This Football Team Went Behind Their Coaches’ Backs – Why They Did it Left Me Close to Tears

The heroic play that this middle school team made is unlike any you’ve ever seen before.