I’m the Wife of a Daddy Warrior

Working out a successful custody arrangement with the ex-wife may have tremendous challenges—don’t give up.

12 Steps, Religion And A Secular Alternative

” …(A)ny alcoholic capable of honestly facing his problems in the light of our experience can recover, provided he does not close his mind to all spiritual concepts. He can only be defeated by an attitude of intolerance or belligerent denial.”

The Art of Rebounding Described by Kevin Love

Kevin knows that rebounding on the court is just as important as helping his body rebound and recover after a tough game. That’s why he reaches for chocolate milk for recovery.

The Power of Black Money in the Aftermath of Ferguson

If you can’t appreciate my right to live, I won’t appreciate your right to profit!

How to Have a Healthy Divorce

Nathaniel Smith shares tips for men on how to save your self-confidence and lead the way to an emotionally healthy divorce.

How Your Bitter Divorce Broke Us Children

Divorce can be amicable or ugly, and what happens to the children can last a lifetime.

So Your Wife Left You. Now What?

Joe Berkeley knows what it is like to go through a gut-wrenching divorce. He has a few words of advice.

Community Leader to Receive Hero Award During NBA Game

2013 BMe Leader Anton Moore will stand center court this Friday as the Philadelphia 76ers presents him with the “Heroes Among Us” Award.

“We Steal Secrets” – How The Shadows Of Julian Assange & Bradley Manning Change The World

On Assange, Manning, and the external and inner demons they face.

Iowa Court Rules in Favor of Disabled Workers

Court awards $240M to disabled workers in a groundbreaking Iowa case.

“Surprisingly, meth addicts have helped some courts see beyond the mother=automatic custody paradigm.”

Rick knows personally of a few cases where the courts are starting to be less biased against men in custody battles. The way the tide turned for some? Seeing examples of meth addicts. What have you noticed in custody battles?

“While women don’t like being objectified, we do want to be attractive to our male partners.”

This is a comment by Erin on the post “I’d Court You if I Didn’t Have to Objectify You First”.

“A deliberate choice to stalk, physically overpower, and rape her is not a circumstance where an apology will do.”

This is a comment by Chloe on the post “I Know Who You Raped Last Summer”.

Jerry Sandusky Receives 30-60 Year Sentence

Jerry Sandusky walked into a courtroom today and received a 30-60 year sentence for the sexual abuse of 10 boys while at Penn State.

My Sister Paid Progressive Insurance to Defend Her Killer In Court

After his sister was killed by a reckless, underinsured driver, Matt Fisher and his family were forced to sue to try to collect the insurance policy on which his sister had been paying.

“Words like ‘crazy’, ‘insane’, and ‘pyscho’ add stigma to mental illness and keep people from getting help.”

This is a comment by S. L. Maxam on the post “Video of Aurora Shooter – First Court Appearance”.