Dating With Asperger’s

Dating With Aspergers by Matthew Rozsa

Dating with high-functioning autism isn’t easy, but it can be done.

The Forgotten Value Of Commitment


Commitment is not the act of losing your freedom; but exercising it to choose who you want to give your most valuable gifts to.

The Real Reason Nice Guys Finish Last


You’re gonna have to do more than be nice to get the girl.

Romance Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Lost (Or, How to Be a Man With a Capital M)

romance isnt dead. just lost. photo by bailey weaver

Being romantic, writes Eddy Baller, is being attentive, considerate and passionate. None of which makes you less of a man.

5 Reasons Getting Sex Is Overrated

5 Reasons Getting Sex by Tina Franklin

Understanding the difference between getting sex and experiencing sex promotes consent—and makes all the difference in getting one’s needs met.

3 Simple Explanations For Why You’re Still Single


Mark Manson offers up some refreshingly simple solutions for why you can’t seem to find a healthy relationship.

Are Your Standards Too High?

Handsome man talking to charming woman

Jordan Gray says that there is a massive difference between healthy standards and being overly picky.

Are We Doing Love Wrong?

Are We Getting Love Wrong by Public Domain

Thomas Fiffer takes the hammer to three myths about love that prevent us from entering and enjoying meaningful relationships.

If You Have to Convince Someone You’re Right for Them, Maybe They’re Not Right for You

romance photo by jeroenbennink

Paul Hudson tells his own personal story of trying—for years—to convince someone to love him. Perhaps there is learning for us all.

It’s Not You It’s Me

kiss a lot of frogs by kakissel

Jon Vaughn liked the kissing part of kissing a lot of frogs. But eventually, he just had to break up with online dating.

Her Feet of Clay

beauty worship, objectification, psychology of beauty, dating, sex

“We all judge people on their looks. Some of us are just more honest about it.” When Andy Bodle puts a woman on a pedestal for her beauty, the results are predictable.

When Did You Figure Out What Marriage Isn’t?


An informal survey among married (and divorced, and separated, and remarried) men.

The Secret to an Amazing Hook Up


Start the conversation with the right question, and be open to the answer.

Call Me Old-Fashioned, Maybe

Pop is timeless. That’s sort of what’s cool about it. At its best it’s really universal and effortlessly relatable.[1] At its weakest, it’s boring and predictable music rehashing tired tropes we’re all sick of. And sometimes instead of being timeless it falls into anachronistic. And that’s squarely where Anointed Summer Jam of Twenty-Twelve “Call Me […]