The Key To Getting Along in The Workplace


Yes, you can make friends with the people at work. Even the ones that annoy you the most.

It’s Time to Rethink Seduction

Kitty Cavalier_Post _1_588

Kitty Cavalier says men should bring a keen awareness and willingness to play this game of life with partners, kids, even colleagues.

Dear John: She Wants Him To Have An Affair


A chronic illness prompts a proposal for an affair, a girlfriend who won’t quit smoking, and a friend who stole a work project.

Dear John: Boyfriend’s Sexy Talk A Total Turnoff


A guy saying suggestive things in front of her son, a coworker who got mailed pot, and a couple on opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Dear John: My Co-Worker Makes Me Feel Dirty


A germaphobe coworker, a boyfriend who used to see escorts, and a regretful past of bullying.

Dear John: Love Her, Hate Her Rhode Island Accent


An irritating accent, a coworker constantly staring at cleavage, and a confusion about a friend’s expectations.

“I think about this a lot with coworkers: would I find this person as offensive if she were a man?”


This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “‘He’s a Boss, She’s a Bitch'”.

Dear John: Looking Not So Good


Dear John addresses straying eyes, advances from a friend’s ex, and a coworker who stole all the credit.

Dear John: Relationships 101


This week Dear John addresses a student/teacher relationship, an eavesdropping boss, and an old flame.

“Having a perfect career looked great on the outside. But was the stress worth the 5 heart attacks?”


This is a comment by Tom B on the post “Odd Jobbing”.

Dear John: Nosy Coworker Smells Booze


This week Dear John addresses a boozy colleague, a socially aggressive wife, and meds for chronic depression.

The Fear of Death


It’s not just the fear of being judged, but the fear of our inevitable death that paralyzes us.

Dear John: Will Third Time Be Charm for Cursed Relationship?


This week Dear John addresses third chances, a homophobic boss, and the sudden appearance of a toupee.

Dear John: Ex Boyfriend. Current Boss.

After the Ceremony - 062

Dear John addresses questions about awkward coworker relationships, dating your sibling’s ex, and spousal spending binges.