The Cowboys Sang, He Plays the Trombone [video]

Cowboys lulled their herds with cowboy songs. Farmer Derek Klingenberg prefers something a little less country.

“Happy Cows” Video, Masculinity, and Why I’m a Vegetarian

Paul Blest on vegetarianism, gender roles, and a video of some really happy cows.

Holland Dairy Cows Released to Pasture After a Long Winter

The title of this video is exactly what this is. No link-bait here. No April Fools joke, either.

The Mulberry, Act 1, Scenes 4 and 5

James Olm brings us scenes Four and Five of Act One of “Mulberry.”

My Dad and the Cows

That night, with my burned hands, I was inconsolable. My Dad could think of nothing else to comfort me but to take me to the pickup and drive out back to see the cows.

Sh#t Washes

If we had a video camera at the time, we’d have been ten thousand dollars richer.

My Son Is a Milk Addict

It could be worse. But still, Bobblehead Dad finds himself trying to explain the massive pile of milk cartons in his recycling.