What Would Happen if the Whole World Went Vegetarian at Once?

Globally, meat consumption is actually on the rise. But what would happen if it just dropped to zero?

The Cowboys Sang, He Plays the Trombone [video]

Cowboys lulled their herds with cowboy songs. Farmer Derek Klingenberg prefers something a little less country.

“Happy Cows” Video, Masculinity, and Why I’m a Vegetarian

Paul Blest on vegetarianism, gender roles, and a video of some really happy cows.

Holland Dairy Cows Released to Pasture After a Long Winter

The title of this video is exactly what this is. No link-bait here. No April Fools joke, either.

The Mulberry, Act 1, Scenes 4 and 5

James Olm brings us scenes Four and Five of Act One of “Mulberry.”

My Dad and the Cows

That night, with my burned hands, I was inconsolable. My Dad could think of nothing else to comfort me but to take me to the pickup and drive out back to see the cows.

Sh#t Washes

If we had a video camera at the time, we’d have been ten thousand dollars richer.

My Son Is a Milk Addict

It could be worse. But still, Bobblehead Dad finds himself trying to explain the massive pile of milk cartons in his recycling.