Seeing Who I Am

seeing who i am katerha:Flickr

The Pain of the Prison System (POPS) helps creative kids find their voice and see who they are.

Why I Write – To Create Fiction that Tells it Like it Really Is

Romantic Triptic

Subverting heterosexual narratives, challenging the black and white of good and evil, and turning worn out hero myths on their heads; all in a day’s escape for this novelist.

Writing My Way to Freedom

man on the beach

His childhood dream of writing a book didn’t seem that important. Until he needed to work through his experiences as a child of a schizophrenic, a Psychologist, and a man living with his own schizophrenia.

Teaching Kids to Open the Tap on Creativity

open the tap on creativity Ryan Vaarsi:Flickr

Diving deep into the place we come from inspires the scenes for future creativity.

My True Addiction

run spot run

From the time she read “See Spot run,” and saw the picture form in her mind, L.T. Lewis has been addicted to painting word pictures of her own.

Life Flows Easier When You Follow Your Bliss

man on a path

Matthew Gilman wrote his first novel only to please himself, but when it sold enough copies to pay off his debts and give him some financial freedom he realized that he’d hit on the real secret.

Why I Write…and Why You Should Too


Christian Clifton writes to better himself and hopefully the world around him.

What Ya Mean Ya Got No Story? Everyone’s Got a Story!


Secreted away, in the story you may not know you have, is your voice. When you find your voice, you find authority, security, value and hope. What’s your story?

Life Is Too Short to Die With Regrets


Four years ago, Kimanzi Constable would have not been able to say he’d lived a life of no regrets. He’s made a point of changing that. By writing.

California Students Transform Through Art With POPS

California Students Transform Through Art With POPS  kevin dooley:Flickr

This school year The Good Men Project is teaming up with The Pain of The Prison System (POPS) to show how art can transform people.

A Love-Hate Relationship I Can’t Escape

love hate

When all forms of distraction fail, you do what you have to do.

Why I Write – It’s Not Just a Guilty Pleasure Anymore

guilty pleasure

In allowing his creative writing to evolve from a guilty pleasure, practiced in secret, to something he needed to do, Shaky Shergill discovered that he had a gift, one that could serve the world.

Why I Write – Because I See A Need


For Chintan Girish Modi writing is the cure for almost anything.

Mashpiah: Assume for Yourself a Master


On the intersection of Orthodox Judaism and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Arts in Correction Documentary ‘At Night I Fly’ Premieres at MOMA

at night i fly

GMP Poet Spoon Jackson is one of the subjects of Michel Wenzler’s complex portrait of prison life, in its US premiere at MOMA on February 20.

What’s Cooler than Cool? Dads Writing for Their Kids

Daddy Cool

Interview with the guys behind Daddy Cool, an anthology of dads writing YA stories and essays targeted at their kids