I was Raised in East Hollywood, and I’m Okay with That

One youth’s honest explanation of his relationship with where he is from.

My Life Starts on 2K15

Kat Secaida found a place where she could be herself, and it changed her life.

A Letter From Your Future Wife

Ever wonder what your future wife is thinking? Daniel Dowling has a letter from her that you need to read.

On Peace

Dale A. Dye considers war and peace, and the many ways that peace sucks.

I am the Sun: Who are you?

Jayvon Murray writes lines and in his free time he spins the sun into his DNA.

Anger not working? Try optimism

Why do people feel worse, when life is actually getting better?

I am an Only Child

Experiencing loss as only a mother and son could.

Engraved in My Memory

He was there for my very first breath, and I was there for his last.


In one sentence, or with a photo, how would you define “peace”?

One Morning, Nine Years Ago

I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like to grow up with a father beside me.

Hispamericana Exquisite

Elia Espinosa explores the cultures, the music, the food that makes you who you are.

Some Thoughts on Peace

What does Peace mean to you? Shaun Darragh describes what Peace means to a Peacekeeper.

The Essence of POPS the Club

The Pain of the Prison System (POPS) is a club that truly changes how students process the emotions that come with having loved ones in prison.

Disturbing the Peace

De’Jon Jones was awoken by an intruder but the only thing stolen was his football game

Giving Peace a Chance

Doug Bradley learned that the most important lessons are those that cost the most.

You Made me a Survivor, so Thank you, Daddy

You told us you were sorry, then the next day you hit us again if we asked you why we couldn’t get out of our room