I’m Still Being Punished for His Crime


Would you like to repeat the details your trauma again, and again, and again?

Remember This

empty chair

Stark reality hits when the violence is gone, but so is he.

His Blood Runs Through Me


The blood of POPS the Club runs with emotional healing that can emerge unexpectedly.

The Blue Rag Ain’t For Me

gang violence

What a young man in the USA faces everyday caught between the blue rag and the blue line.

Listening and the Difference Caring Makes


Where we come from sets our life path in motion for better or worse, but open ears that care can alter the destination.

“They Stereotype the Students”

uphill aussiegall:Flickr

Stereotypes hit teens hard, especially in moments struggling to follow their heart.

There Aren’t Fathers Where I Am From

street reflection Georgie Pauwels:flicker

Michaela Richards shows us how she finds support without fathers or friends where she comes from.

I Escape Life – But I’m a Prisoner to the Word

woman in barred window

From coping mechanism to artistic expression.

If You Wrote Someone Who is Incarcerated

missing you slightly everything:Flickr

Understand Family and Friends (S.T.U.F.F.) helps students open up the difficult emotions when those they are close to are incarcerated.

Seeing Who I Am

seeing who i am katerha:Flickr

The Pain of the Prison System (POPS) helps creative kids find their voice and see who they are.

Why I Write – To Create Fiction that Tells it Like it Really Is

Romantic Triptic

Subverting heterosexual narratives, challenging the black and white of good and evil, and turning worn out hero myths on their heads; all in a day’s escape for this novelist.

Writing My Way to Freedom

man on the beach

His childhood dream of writing a book didn’t seem that important. Until he needed to work through his experiences as a child of a schizophrenic, a Psychologist, and a man living with his own schizophrenia.

Teaching Kids to Open the Tap on Creativity

open the tap on creativity Ryan Vaarsi:Flickr

Diving deep into the place we come from inspires the scenes for future creativity.

My True Addiction

run spot run

From the time she read “See Spot run,” and saw the picture form in her mind, L.T. Lewis has been addicted to painting word pictures of her own.

Life Flows Easier When You Follow Your Bliss

man on a path

Matthew Gilman wrote his first novel only to please himself, but when it sold enough copies to pay off his debts and give him some financial freedom he realized that he’d hit on the real secret.

Why I Write…and Why You Should Too


Christian Clifton writes to better himself and hopefully the world around him.