3 Ways To Turn Cabin Fever Into Couples Therapy


If the weather has you cooped up with your partner, here’s how to cope and bond instead of snap and split.

How I Found A Fabulous Marriage Using A Relationship Vision [Video]

relationship vision photo by John Ryan

For Graham Phoenix great relationships are part of what makes life tick, so when he became a single man in his fifties the prospect of a new relationship terrified and fascinated him. He used a Relationship Vision to create a new, amazing marriage.

Never Apologize for Your Art (and it’s all art)

Own your art, whatever it may be.

Dillan DiGiovanni reminds you that just by living, you are creating. Don’t apologize for that.

The Philly Drummer Boy: A Carol of Drums

photo (14)

Drumming in the snow, drumming night and day, playing different grooves and fills along the way. Bells on cymbals ring, making spirits bright, oh what fun is to play the drums all day and night!

To the Young, Sensitive, and Somewhat Anxious. From a Fellow Man.

photo by sara biljana

Aaron Kahn, with a simple, easy-to-digest list of things you can do to keep calm, remain stoic with your feet planted firmly in the ground.

One Couple, Two Fortune Cookies (Video)


“A couple on the brink of a breakup has an intimate conversation in a restaurant, unaware that their every word is being closely monitored. However, not all is as it seems.”

“Play with your food, try new ingredients, make weird stuff, get messy, be creative and don’t worry about whether or not what you are making is going to be a masterpiece. It is only food.”


This was a comment by Arthur MacMaste on the post “Celebrity Chefs Like Gordon Ramsay Make Cooking Cool for Boys Too”.

MINI Shares Its Vision of the Not Normal Lifestyle [sponsored post]

not normal

A vision by MINI about what life would look like if we put down all the “normal” things that fill our lives and embrace new, creative experiences.

“‘F*ck” is often used violently. ‘Making love’ seems more consensual, creative and equal.”


This is a comment by James on the post “F***ing and Making Love: What’s the Difference, Men?”.

Being Beautiful


Do your kids believe that they are beautiful? Do you?

“We were in for a rude awakening: our parents gave us dreams that America can’t easily fulfill.”


This is a comment by Kaleb Blake on the post “5 Questions to Reclaim Your Life”.

Guestpost #21: Cameron Algie – Ten things I’ve learned from writing ads

Cameron was one of my improv teachers, and he is without a doubt one of the best and funniest improvisers I know. Cameron Algie is a member of Standards & Practices, and if you don’t know about S&P, you’d better aks (sic) somebody. Here is his ridiculous bio on the ITC website: Cameron has studied […]