Creativity and How A Zombie Ate my Brains


Yes! A zombie must have eaten my brains, another creative metaphor for inspiration.

These Videos Will Topple Every Stereotype You Have About Teenagers Today

youth adobe

Support creativity in today’s youth. Vote for the next documentary superstar.

8 Creativity Lessons From a Pixar Animator

artist sketching

Sometimes immersing yourself in the creative world of people doing amazing things can bring unexpected results.

Coming of Age


Bob Marrow proves that old age is not a period of decline.

Seeing Through the Mist

Seeing Through the Mist by Thomas Fiffer

For Thomas Fiffer, a misty morning drive brings back memories of heartbreak and summons a vision for the future.

How a Seemingly Meaningless Doodle Changed My Entire Life

How a Seemingly by justin lincoln

Allan Ishac describes the moment of insight that brought him into his creative calling.

How to Get Out of Your Creative Rut

How to Get Out by wellcast

Creative people often go through dry spells. Wellcast helps get your ideas flowing again.

Our Future Innovators: Three Ideas to Help Unleash Your Son’s Creativity

Our Future Innovators Three Ideas to Help Unleash Your Son's Creativity

By being comfortable with thinking outside of the box, perhaps your son will be one of a billion unsung heroes who quietly and joyfully live their lives with integrity and love.

The Reinvention of Normal


What is normal? What is creativity?

The One Reason We Need to Be More Curious


It is time we ban the harmful phrase “curiosity killed the cat.” Here’s why.

Inspiration Unpacked: 4 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Inner Artist Again

child drawing

Ah that feeling of creating something all your own and being pleased as punch about it! Here’s how to get it back.

A Blessing In Disguise: How Heartbreak Can Make You Motivated And Creative

broken chocolate heart

Heartbreak isn’t fun, but it offers unexpected gifts, like creativity, and inspiration to do some of your best work.

8 Sure Fire Self Care Tips for Guys


Men tend to fall down when it comes to self care. Do conditioning and the pressures of modern life cause the fall?

5 Reasons Writing is My Form of Therapy

writing is my hobby

Even if you aren’t a “natural storyteller,” writing can help you focus, flush out negativity, and turn your life into a better story.

Starting the Creative Life Afresh


If you’re in a creative slump here’s how to resurrect and rejuvenate your inner artist.

Everyday Innovation


Do we need to stop setting the bar too high when it comes to innovation and ambition? Ken Goldstein takes a look.