Dead Trees and Pixels (or Creativity Is The Real Answer)


James A. Landrith compares the differences between books and e-books, and what he finds might surprise you.

Power of Two: The 3 Secrets for Real, Lasting Love

Screen shot 2015-08-11 at 3.51.25 PM

“Romance is love’s appetizer” and 2 other secrets to know before love can ever happen.

The Artist and the Bully


“Nobody’s Special!” The Bully poured these words over a student at my daughter’s school. Tears marched down her cheeks and into her soul.

Relationships and Entanglements: Do You Know the Difference?

Relationships and Entanglements

Daniel Dowling explains the difference between relationships that involve creation and connection—and entanglements that don’t.

7 Ways To Maintain Your Masculinity When In A Relationship

How to avoid being whipped.

Owning your masculinity means being sensitive to your inner drives, including your femininity. Are you man enough to face this?

Are You a Quiet Leader?


Sean Swaby has a confession to make, he is a Quiet Leader.

A Wandering Mind is… What am I Talking About Again?


When animals wander we call them free range. But when minds wander we call it ADD?

Unleashing the Tiger

unleasing the tiger

How giving the middle finger to fears of being too big and too loud freed his bodysoul to create authentically.

The Difference Between Great Parenting and Great Leadership

business man and woman talking in the office

Matt Sweetwood knows what it takes to be a good leader. He also knows what it takes to be a great dad. He explains the difference between the two skill sets.

The Consumption Vortex and Our Declining Creativity


Charlie Scaturro says our culture of over-consumption is killing our creativity and passion.

Can Youth Sports Foster Creativity? It Depends

youth hockey

If the clichés that permeate sports broadcasts and locker room speeches are to be believed, sports participation teaches children the value of hard work, builds character, and develops future leaders.

The Teenagers of Today Create the Narratives of Tomorrow

Adobe Youth Voices Award Narrative

Look at the types of creative projects the youth of the world are making today. They will transform the way you think about teenagers. They will transform the way you think about art, and social justice, and gender and news and politics and the world.

Help the Youth of Today Stay Creative, Passionate and World-Changing

Adobe youth voices social venture

The Adobe Youth Voices Awards gives you the chance to see what some of the most creative youths of today are doing in the area of social venture.

Forget Your Vision Statement: How is the State of Your Vision?


I broke my glasses and it made me smile.

Are you Running Backwards?


Sometimes I run backwards. And even sideways.

What Were You Doing at Age 13?

Adobe youth finalists

These 13 to 19 year olds are trying to change the world with their creativity. Please support them.