How to Approach Women (Without Being Creepy)

Respecting somebody’s boundaries, on the other hand, is a mark of respect as well as social calibration. The guy who shows respect is someone who’s going to have far greater success with women.

How To Not Be Creepy

Harris O’Malley on how to take responsibility, stay calm, and approach women properly.

You’re MINE: 6 Things People Say While In Love That Are Really Creepy Out Of Context

Love is already a strange thing, but have you ever thought about the words people use towards their significant others? Cashie Rohaly draws attention to 6 weird phrases used by lovers.

What Children’s Books Totally Creep You Out?

Tom Burns loves reading to his kid, but there are certain books for children that really, really creep him out. He hopes he’s not alone.

The Women Problem, Post-Divorce: Scenes from a Divorce #4

Steven Axelrod thought that dating after he divorced would be the easy part. After all, woman had been flirting with him for years. It wasn’t until he was single again that he figured out why.

There’s a Lot to Learn From ‘Love, Actually’

Doctor NerdLove surprises even himself in recommending the Christmas romantic comedy “Love, Actually” as a source for dating and relationship advice.

“What does appearance have to do with being a creep? Quit being predatory. That’s it.”

These are comments by Kaleb Blake and Julie Gillis on the post “Creepy Behavior and the Difference Between ‘Attractive’ and ‘Attracted'”.

Don’t be Creepy! Ten Tips For Weirdos

You are who you project. If you look at yourself as a weirdo with no sense of style and no ability to talk to women, you will project it. Take some time to really like who you are, and go after women who also like that guy.

“‘Creep’ is a stronger way of saying ‘I don’t like that guy’ without saying why.”

These are comments by Shoutybloke and mayfly on the post “Thoughts on ‘Creep'”.

Weapons: Railguns Are Coming to a War Near You [@akilshohen]

The nature of conflict is changing in a major way, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Valentine’s Day Non-Creepy Love Song Mix

As I’m sure you’re all aware, for every sweet, genuinely romantic love song out there in the world, there’s twelve Baby It’s Cold Outsides and Every Breath You Takes. Therefore, for this Valentine’s Day, Noah and I have decided to round up our favorite non-creepy love songs. Warning: below the cut is not safe for […]

Nice Guys Part One: I Was A Nice Girl

My name is Ozy, and I was a Nice Girl ™. I had tangled, unbrushed hair that fell limply to my shoulders; my skin was a pizza crust of acne; my glasses were unflattering; I wore stained and torn clothes. I slouched and spoke in monosyllables. I’d spent the last fourteen years reading instead of […]

When Older Guys Lust After Young Women

What young women are really looking for, and why we’re fools to think otherwise.

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Good Comment of the Day: The ‘Creepy’ Factor

“Without a doubt, ‘creepy’ is the worst casual insult that can be tossed at a guy.”