Dale Steyn Attempts To Break A GoPro!

GoPro/WOHZA Ambassador Dale Steyn and fastest bowler in the world! Goes head to head with a GoPro to see who will win – CHECK IT OUT.

Loss, Lord’s and Watson’s demise: Australia Looks To Turn Around Ashes Campaign In London

After the Ashes first test didn’t go quite according to the script – England winning convincingly – the Australian team is being forced to regroup. David Saunders previews the second test, starting today on the hallowed turf of Lord’s in London.

Australia And England Poised To Do Battle Again In Cricket’s Greatest Rivalry

This Wednesday, England and Australia will begin the 69th Ashes series, cricket’s most celebrated rivalry, and one of the oldest contests in international sports. David Saunders reports on the strange beginnings of this contest, which has been going for more than 130 years, and how the two teams are shaping up for this coming five-test series in England.

Richie Benaud: Marvelous life, that

David Saunders remembers the much-loved former Australian captain and immortal voice of international cricket, Richie Benaud, who died in Sydney last week, aged 84.

When Athletes Die Playing The Game

In the wake of the death of Cricketer Phillip Hughes, Mike Kasdan looks back at Hank Gathers and reflects on the rare tragedy of in game deaths by athletes. — About a month ago, the sports world was shaken by the news of the death of Phillip Hughes, the twenty-five year old Australian cricket star […]

Bat Away The Tears

The acceptable face of crying.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game. . . In Sydney That Is

100 years after MLB’s first trip Down Under, the Dodgers and Diamondbacks opened the 2014 season with a 2-game series in Syndey. JP Pelosi reports on the culture clash.

How PhysEd Destroyed My Confidence—And How I Got It Back Again

The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand promotes physical fitness through its BE ACTIVE campaign: Do what you can, enjoy what you do, be active and move your mood.

The Last Perfect Day: An Excerpt from ON SAL MAL LANE

“Mr. Niles’s words rang in his ears: Long ago, he was just a boy like you.” By Ru Freeman

My American Dream [Op-Ed]

Alex Yarde wonders if his generation will be the last to benefit from the American Dream

Gadgets: iPhone Goes Prepaid With Cricket On June 22nd

Pony up the funds up front and you can hold the smartphone pacesetter, no-strings attached.

George Costanza Would Never Apologize; Neither Should Jason Alexander.

Kenny Bodanis argues that by apologizing for saying the word ‘gay’, we are implying there is something wrong with being gay. And that, says Kenny, is the real insult.

Culture: Black People Poised To Dominate Yet Another Sport [@darrylzero]

The Compton Cricket Club, aka “The Homiez and the Popz,” has toured Australia, kicked it with Prince Edward at Buckingham Palace, and done a myriad of other things few could possibly have expected from a group of men from straight outta Compton.

The 10 at 10

Clooney hangs out with Berlusconi, Denny’s puts bacon on ice cream, and the greatest rivalry in sports.

The 10 at 10

Iron Mike picks the Oscar winners, Russia admits beer is alcohol, and robot journalists will take over the world: the 10 at 10.

Fatherhood Will Save Your Life*

To pass the time waiting for his wife’s water to break, Ben Wakeling examines the benefits of fatherhood.