The Truth About Dishonesty


Psychology professor Dan Ariely believes we can be honest and dishonest (at the same time).

Masks Off – A Challenge to Men

fin pi

Slam Poet Jeremy Loveday says #MensLetsTalk about gender violence

Disaster Preparedness Strategies: Will Yours Work?

photo dfid flickr

Captain Bill Simpson, aka The Nautical Prepper, gives advice and resources to prepare yourself for a variety of potential emergencies—from everyday occurrences to doomsday scenarios.

SnapShots: Man With Neck Tattoos

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Everything you see is not the whole story.

“I Killed a Man.” Drunk Driver Makes YouTube Confessional Video to do the Honorable Thing

Matt Cordle

Matt Cordle wants to take full responsibility for the horrific thing that he did. And he wants others to stop before they do the same.

So Much For The Whole “Land of the Free” Thing.

Prison bars

US incarceration rates compared to the rest of the world.

Culture’s Effect on Victims


A story of child labor, sex slavery and those times when culture slaps you in the face.

There’s Someone Burning and Killing Women in Detroit, But Where is the Media Attention?

Detroit police AP Photo

Alex Cline reports on a terrifying grouping of crimes against women that are going largely unreported by the media, and wonders why nobody seems to care.

Evolving Our Image of Human Trafficking

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Why the human trafficking movement must move beyond its reliance on crisis imagery.

What My White Neighbor Taught Me in Memphis: On Race, Crime, and Community

photo emmandevin

Dr. Darron Smith wants to change the way we equate being black and male with crime.

The Crisis of Masculinity in Britain

diane abbott, masculinity, uk, british,

There is a “crisis of masculinity in Britain” because of the pressures rapid economic and social change have placed on masculine identity says Diane Abbott, a senior British Politician. The rise of a “Viagra and Jack Daniels culture” is an indication of the pressure young men are under to live up to “pornified ideals.”

A Surprising Job Offer from Mother Teresa

mother teresa 2

Snake Bloomstrand relates how Mother Teresa opened the eyes and heart of Father Bennie.

Who Is Greater?

peace, absalom aleichem, world peace, Islam, Muslim Americans, Muslim American boys, Tsarnaev brothers, Boston bombing, American culture

What makes someone like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev vulnerable to radicalization? A Muslim American parent of two young men asks a question that strikes close to home.

Join the International Men’s Movement Today

International men’s movement, glen poole, men and boys, men’s health, boys’ education, male suicide, male role models, crime and violence, men’s rights, fathers’ rights, feminism

A global call to action from Glen Poole, the Good Men Project’s new international men’s movement editor.

I Come From: Three Essays from Venice High School Students

young male writers, young men who write, young men, high school boys, boys, poetry, pride, PEN USA

Marcus Anderson, Fernando Garcia, and Steve Miramontes are three young men who know where they come from.

Business Lessons From History’s 7 Greatest Heists


Brilliant, daring, large-scale thefts, and what they can teach us about mistakes and vulnerabilities.