Cameras on Cops: The Jury’s Still Out

If cameras don’t deter violence by the public, why would we expect that passively monitoring police-citizen encounters will cause behavior change?

Is There a White Middle Class Fad of Pseudo Civil Rights Activism?

I have been called racist for my opinion about my local police.

Checking Athletes’ Privilege

Mike Kasdan takes a hard look at the roots of the privilege we confer on star athletes, and its devastating effect on society.

Can the Current Prison System be Reformed?

From inside the prison system, Spoon Jackson makes a blunt statement on prison reform.

Does Popular TV Entertainment Reflect Our Real World?

Popular TV embraces the historical based series, could this be a signifier of a deeper cultural violence.

People On The Move: What To Do About All The Homeless People?

A travel experience caused Dr. Jed Diamond to reflect on the staggering amount of refugees and displaced persons in our world today.

Bad Jokes and Predator Psyche

Nannette Ricaforte on the importance of understanding the links between child pornography and human trafficking.

Reality Check: I Have to Teach My Kids That Cops Will Probably Treat Them Unfairly

Tracey Michae’l Lewis-Giggetts watched in horror as a white guy, high as a kite, got away with crashing his car and hiding his drugs right in front of the cops.

New Smartphone App May Help Victims of Violence

A retired IT professional couldn’t forget the assault he witnessed while on a train in Sydney, Australia. So he created an app that allows those who witness crimes to also document them.

Good Men Stand up and Help 

Ben Anderson is a man who knows when to take action. He saw a fellow man in need, made a quick and accurate assessment, and didn’t hesitate to act.

At ‘Wit’s End’: Scared Straight Programs Remain Popular Among Parents Despite Warnings

Despite evidence that scared straight-type programs are ineffective and can even be harmful in the long run, many parents continue to turn to local jails for help when it comes to behavioral issues with their children.

But Who’s the Animal That Built This Prison?

A small collection of GMP’s articles on the American criminal justice system.

Weighing the Scales: When Crime Collides With Humanity

When is disability fraud okay? Evidence suggests David Disney’s actions were justified. Erin Kelly weighs in and offers a fresh perspective.

Has Crime Ever Been Worse in the United States?

You hear about the worst, the shooting sprees, the psychopaths, but how is daily crime in the U.S.A. and how are men involved?

Dexter Finale = Crime & Punishment or Just Bad Writing?

Tsach Gilboa explores humanity’s “dark passenger” through the lens of the Dexter series finale.