Man Wrongly Imprisoned For 30 Years Creates Amazon Wishlist To Start His Life Again

Just Society by by Magoo0311

What happens when you’re released from prison after thirty years for a crime you didn’t commit with almost no money or earthly possessions?

Final Words Sutured Into Dead Men’s Mugshots


Check out the stunning visual story of death row prisoners’ last words.

Sorry, Prison Rape Jokes About Justin Bieber Aren’t Funny


When rape involves men, particularly men in prison, we as a society often trivialize it into nothing more than a “don’t drop the soap” joke. John Lash, executive director of Georgia Conflict Center, implores us to end our absurd acceptance of rape.

Psychology and the Chance of Bringing Peace to Syria


With 100,000 people killed and 10 million displaced, is there hope for peace in Syria? Yes. But only if we can overcome the self-defeating psychology of revenge.

Preventing Sexual Abuse is a Public Health Issue


We need a responsible, open discussion that acknowledges the part we all can play in preventing and responding to sexual abuse.

Evidence, Not Morality, Should Guide Sex Work Policy


Dr. Paul Maginn on the near-sighted belief within certain political, religious and feminist circles that all sex workers are female and victims of human trafficking.

Our Shrinking Prison Population


New prison admissions in the US are at a 20 year low.

5 Positive Steps to Reform Prisons

Nimba County Prison Inmates

Renowned prison reform activist Ken Hartman gives his insights into how we can reform our broken system.

Front Row to a Dark Drama: A Good Man Loses


Reverend Neil O’Farrell with a heartbreaking story of homelessness and those times when our help feels helpless.

Organic Gardening Behind Bars


Prison gardening is taking root and stretching its impact all across the United States.

When Parents are Branded as Bad


Law Professor Tamar Birckhead on the unintended consequences of a system meant to protect children.

Ariel Castro Found Hanged in Prison Cell


Kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro was monitored at “staggered” intervals, not on suicide watch.

Letter from the New GMP Politics Editors

Get in the know. Do your research. Make an informed decision now.

Often, when people say “politics” or “political,” they spit the words out like bitter pills. And, rightfully so.

The Unspoken Many: When Disability Hate Crime Lurks in the Shadows for Too Long


Erin Kelly, a writer with Cerebral Palsy, speaks about the tragic rise of disability hate crimes.

To Defend a Terrorist


Tamar Birckhead reflects on representing the shoe bomber and, now, on helping those who represent the Boston bomb suspect.

The Disposability of Black Men

Black men listening to a lecture

Black men are brutally murdered and systematically incarcerated. Is this genocide?