Dear Justice Thomas: The Government’s Actions (and Inactions) CAN Strip Someone of Dignity

justice thomas dignity

Decoteau Irby explains how many Black males in this country who would feel more valuable if they were given a fair chance in an unjust criminal justice system.

Treatment vs Jail


David Moss was arrested 14 times for drug possession and never offered treatment. This is the story of his redemption.

Criminal Justice Reform? There’s an App for That.


Criminal justice reform takes more than discussion and legislation. It takes courage, action, and maybe some new technology.

TwitterChat Rewind: Connecting with Men Returning from Incarceration


In case you missed our #GoodMenChat TwitterChat on Connecting with Men Returning from Incarceration, we have your recap right here.

The One Rule for Boys Everyone Must Know

the boy and the wall

Dr. Max Wachtel speaks out on the one rule that can save our boys.

Decriminalizing Trauma

Peter Pollard

Some new alternatives to “Fight, Flight or Freeze.”

Prosecuting Fear

the moment of decision

What we must do about the inability of the justice system

The U.S. Government is Addicted to Drugs

drug  David Hilowitz:flickr

How much are you paying each year for their fiendish addictions?

Why Is California Trying To Build More Jails?


California wants to add $500 million in lease-revenue bonds to fund county jail expansion, on top of the $1.2 billion in jail expansion funds from the years prior. Whats wrong with this picture?