When Black People and the Police Collide

What to do to in order to walk away alive.

The Best Kept Secret to Hiring a Lawyer for Free

More than 80% of low-income people lack the needed legal counsel for civil cases.

‘Criminal’ A Story About Second Chances and Redemption

Criminal shows everyone can have a second chance no matter how bad they may be I was not sure what to think when I went in to see Criminal. It looks like a peculiar movie that has a good cast that are trying to tell a difficult, sometimes hard to believe story. Yet I was […]

Your Teen Crossed The Law: It’s Time To Review Your Family’s Asset Protection Plan

What happens when your kid turns criminal? How do you protect the family while trying to save him or her?

When Gangs are the Most Stable Option

Gangs offer a tempting ‘home’ to frustrated, unhappy young men.

We Demand the Real Criminals Go to Jail

Our vision today is to cause this corrupt criminal enterprise system to be exposed, and we demand that the real criminals go to to jail.

Reckonings: Preston Shipp

Reckonings episode #4 features Preston Shipp, a former tough-on-crime prosecutor for the state of Tennessee.

9 Things to Consider Before Divorcing an Abuser

Getting out of an abusive relationship can be scary—and dangerous. Here’s how to do it as safely as possible.

Black Life Matters

August 11 would have been Michael Brown’s first day of college. Here’s how the media is more concerned with the story of Michael Brown, and less so about his life.

Dreaming Beyond Prison Cell Walls

Spoon Jackson, an inmate without the possibility of parole, asks us to “Forgive for our own good, our own balance, our own love and light.”

George Zimmerman and the Tragedy of Casual Racism

David Zucker gives his opinion on the George Zimmerman trial, and on the larger problem of casual racism in America.

Graphic Tales of Larceny

Matthew Parker’s graphic novel illustrates his personal journey from heroin addiction and petty crime to the Columbia MFA program.

A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem

Not every suicide looks like a suicide.

The Way of Men: Interview with Jack Donovan

“The Way of Men” book author Jack Donovan answers some hard questions about masculinity and society, and the way forward for men.