The Truth About Refugees, Welfare Queens And Bleeding Heart Liberals

We put up our walls and tune our televisions to “Reality TV” to escape the reality of our depravity.

What Is Justice for a 10 Year Old Murderer?

Shawn Henfling discusses the fate of Tristen Kurilla in today’s criminal justice system.

Sex Trafficking: Beyond the Abstract Evil

The way to truly combat sex trafficking is not and never will be to talk around it. We must talk through it.

The Crisis of Masculinity in Britain

There is a “crisis of masculinity in Britain” because of the pressures rapid economic and social change have placed on masculine identity says Diane Abbott, a senior British Politician. The rise of a “Viagra and Jack Daniels culture” is an indication of the pressure young men are under to live up to “pornified ideals.”

“Teach children to help people their own size. If it’s a child, help them, otherwise get a ‘big person’ to help.”

This is a comment by Ilene Moore on the post “The Healthy Sex Talk: Teaching Kids Consent, Ages 1-21”.

“As an introduction to manhood I would tell boys: the pain you feel matters.”

This is a comment by Eagle35 on the comment of the day: “Women are not the benchmark for manhood.”

“As for the Chris Browns of this world: do we boycott? Do we forgive? Do we allow time?”

These are comments by Eric M. and Christopher on the post “If I Work Out to Chris Brown Music, Am I Supporting an Abuser?”

Human First, Dom Second

What does it mean that the popular image of the male dominant is a paragon of sadistic power?

“If they want to kill, they’ll find a way.”

This is a comment by Quadruple A and Mike Conway on the post “Mass Shooting in Aurora, Colorado – Tell Me Why We Don’t Need Gun Control Again?”

“Yesterday, I didn’t honor the institutionalized violent aggression.”

This is a comment by Kirsten on the post “What do Pacifists do on Memorial Day?”

How to Spot A Sex-Offender 101 Revisited

After a five year field study, MBCowan returns to say he know how pedophiles think, what they do, and how to stop them.

How I Learned to Quit Hitch Hiking

You never know when two escaped convicts are gonna pick you up and try to teach you a lesson.

The Catastrophe

In this week’s Dudes in the News, cocktails, cars, and alligators make a recipe for catastrophe.

The Weasel Wielding Warrior

In this week’s Dudes in the News, Dave Ford gives the Associated Press what for. What for? There’s only one way to find out.

The Blotto Blotter

Our weekly roundup of cockeyed criminality continues, this time with extra inebriety.

Behold! The Pickled Penis

Practically impervious to petering out, our weekly issues of wacky news continue, this time with alliteration.