Why Having an Opinion Isn’t the Same as Thinking

Does the sheep really care that the lion doesn’t care about his opinion, and other challenges you’ve probably never considered.

Ignoring Your Inner Critic

What does your inner critic say to you? Does it whisper sarcastic compliments or does it scream insults? As a writer, I have both fans and critics. It’s expected and accepted. What many writers deal with, however, is something a bit different. It’s an internal critic who is often ruthless and harsh. Imagine if all of […]

How to Empower Yourself and Make Others Accountable

Trying to get something done? Learn how to ask the right questions.

The Four Reasons Relationships Fail

Did you just break up with someone? Chances are, it’s for one (or more) of these four reasons cited by emotional intelligence expert Dr. Travis Bradberry.

Criticism vs. Constructive Feedback: The Art of Empowerment and Affirmation

Ross Rosenberg makes the critical distinction between damaging criticism and constructive input.

It Is Not the Critic Who Counts

We all fear being criticized, even ostracized, by others. Three questions to help you stay true to yourself in the face of that fear.

A Dad Shares His Most Shameful Judgments, Without Shame

Stephen Hurley loves to judge people. He shares a few of his favorites.

A Man’s Guide to Dealing with Criticism

5 surefire ways to make criticism work in your favor.

How to Love a Man Who Is Both Strong and Sensitive

Let go of your old-school expectations and enjoy the multifaceted modern man.

Best 8 Ways to Deal With Detractors

Leo Babauta says there will always be people who criticize or make fun of your dreams. Don’t let them stop you!

10 Intimacy Breaking Behaviors That Will Make Your Life Hell

Why do men and women dive into relationship, then do everything to avoid intimacy?

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No, Praise Won’t Make Your Kid A Narcissist, But This Just Might!

Parents, you have the idea of “praise” ALL wrong. Here’s why …

5 Communication No-No’s and What You Can Do To Make It Right

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin looks at the ways that communication can break down in marriage and how they can be fixed.

10 Things I’ve Learned That I Didn’t Know 10 Years Ago

Krushangi Maisuria is finishing high school this year. But her wisdom vastly exceeds her age.

Minimalism’s Critics

Leo Babauta on how to argue for minimalism.

Response to Critics of #CrimingWhileWhite, Movember and The Ice Bucket Challenge

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.”—Karl Marx, Theses on Feuerbach (1888