Economic Discrimination, Is That a Thing?

Is it possible to create capital based community relationships on a global scale?

Crowdfunding For Family

Chasing a dream in order to live a passion …

A Man Can Dream: A Child Custody Manager for Single and Separated Parents

Jon Vaughn would like to see his free custody app get into the hands of people who need it most. Divorced guys like him.

There’s No Giving Up Now: The Vasectomy Files 19

Jonathan Stack would like you to think about this, “If humanity is the cause of the planet’s woes, what are we supposed to do?”

A Letter From Jonathan Stack About World Vasectomy Day

Jonathan Stack would like your help, and continued support, to bring the World Vasectomy Day Crowdfunding campaign to a successful close.

Confessions of a Crowdfunding Neophyte (Part 2): The Vasectomy Files 18

Jonathan Stack recognizes that life is not easy, “but nevertheless, the blessings that come from so much life far outweigh the burdens.”

Support the World Vasectomy Day Crowdfunding Campaign

Three years after starting the journey to film The Vasectomist the documentary is complete, but as Jonathan Stack explains, “The film is just the beginning…”

Confessions of a Crowd Funding Neophyte: Vasectomy Files 17

Jonathan Stack sometimes wonders, “Why in the world did I have to open my big fat mouth and start this crazy project?”

GMP Contributor Aaron Gilbreath Is Crowdfunding to Study the Effects of Crowding

“The Future belongs to crowds,” said Don DeLillo. Aaron Gilbreath is embarking on a project to document that future in a new book, “Crowded.”

Philip Werner Talks Vaginas, Nakedness & Body Image

The taboos around our bodies, and around the vagina, in particular, allow shame to flourish. Could embracing the vagina eradicate sexual violence?