Crying Makes a Man Feel Whole

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Tears of joy, disappointment, love, or loss–all add texture to man’s being.

Why Can’t I Cry in Public?


Pat Brothwell has nothing against a good cry, so why can’t he work one up in public?

“Is Crying Healthy and Cathartic for both Men and Women?”


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1,460 Days of Crying

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Future dads are you ready?

“Crying is usually associated with sadness…not in heat of battle or…mortally dangerous situation.”

Crying silence

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Men Have Tear Ducts Too

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Edie Weinstein encourages men to see crying as an emotional re-set button that bolsters strength and resilience to face challenges.

Boys Do Cry, Look at Little Jackson

Boy You Can Cry

Meet Jackson, the little music fan who knows that sadness can be goodness.

New Year, New Masculinity

Men of Quality Support Gender Equality

Sebastian Molano shares a new resolution to pursue a “new masculinity.”

Men Don’t Cry, Do They?


Teaching boys that “boys don’t cry” can cripple them as men, but under the right tutelage even this questionable lesson is valuable in the right context.

Opening the Tiny Hurt Locker

The Little Hurt, RLS, Good Men Project, Jennifer Gunsaullus

Dr. Jennifer Gunsaullus explains why sharing even small pain is a big deal

Dad Profiling: The Double Standard

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Mike Spohr was trying to console his crying niece. Unfortunately some people only see what they want to see.

Funny or Not? Video of Dad Mocking Daughter’s Tantrum

dad, tantrum, adult, kid, daughter, child, humor, video, family

What do you do when you have had enough of a child’s inconsolable behavior? This family makes the most of it.

Sensory Issues


Sometimes facing your child’s issues means facing your own issues. In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” Matt Salesses breaks down over sensory problems he didn’t know he had.

What the Strangers Knew

Whatever gets you though the night photo by pedroklien

“Congratulations” said the strangers to Michael Noll and his pregnant wife. “You know you’ll never sleep well again, right?” Michael set out to prove them wrong. Hilarity ensues.

Within My Control and Beyond

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Josh Magill provides insight into the conundrum of control faced by Masterminds—like him.

“Apparently the rule was ‘big boys don’t cry…where others can see them.’”

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