Education Is Unmanly


The first male in his family to attempt college will often find himself pestered about his masculinity.

28 Black People You Probably Don’t Know About (But You Should)— Juan Almeida


Juan Almeida overcame racism and poverty to become one of the most important revolutionaries in Cuba.

Our Failed Embargo Against Cuba


There are few better examples of failed American foreign policy than our trade embargo against Cuba.

Blacked Out: Reading Between the Lines as Gitmo Lawyers Talk Torture


A recent court hearing at Guantanamo dealt with national security information so secret that the accused was not even allowed in the room: the first completely closed session of the military commission trials under President Obama.

NEW REPORT: Updated Guide to Guantanamo Force-Feeding


A new report published by al Jazeera outlines the “US process for force-feeding hunger-striking Guantanamo detainees.”

Officials Report Gitmo Hunger Strikers Now Number 100

guantanamo hunger striker

Lawyers for the detainees insist that the military is still “undercounting” the number of men on hunger strike.

Guards and Detainees Clash at Guantanamo Bay


Advocates for the detainees say there are now over 100 prisoners participating in the hunger strikes.

US Notifies Attorneys if Clients are Force-Fed at Guantanamo


For the first time the US military is notifying lawyers of Guantanamo detainees if their clients have been force-fed.

How Social Messages Can Make a Man a Bad Lover

Pablo Neruda, love poetry, relationships, men's desire, men's sexuality, how to attract women, how to make love

What you believe may keep you from greater intimacy and satisfaction.

The Cuba Embargo Is Hurting Men


Lifting the failed embargo on Cuba could stimulate two economies. The ball is in President Obama’s court.

Running: A Poem


David Karpel tells an American story of persecution and flight: a family that can’t stop running.

Modern Love Story: The Cuban Singer and the Jackass


Moving to New York City is difficult for anyone. Now try moving to New York City … from Cuba … to be with a guy like me.

The 10 at 10

Geoffrey Mutai

Holy Thursday is on Wednesday, Guy Fieri cooks for Passover, and Geoffrey Mutai sets a world record that’s not a world record.

The 10 at 10

Space Jam

Fidel Castro has been out of power since 2006, the President of Guatemala gets a divorce, and a Spanish basketball announcer loses his mind.

The News—Republican Fervor in the Primaries, and Some Tennis History Making

Tweet Good morning, gentlemen.  Here’s what’s on your good feed this Tuesday morning… Republicans Prove Enthusiasm in Primaries The primaries are over, folks, and this is what we know: The GOP may have suffered through internal battles between establishment incumbents and extreme Tea Party-esque challengers, but more Republicans came to the polls, which could mean […]

Man of the Day: Fidel Castro

Tweet Who he is: Former President of Cuba Where you’ve heard of him: Historically, he’s a textbook communist and one of America’s favorite villains. Today, he publicly spoke for the first time in four years. When then President of Cuba, Fidel Castro fell ill four years ago, who could have possibly imagined he would re-emerge […]