The Cure for Procrastination

We all can suffer from procrastination here and there. This flowchart helps find ways to minimize distraction and start getting work done.

Living Limitless – An Inspiring Story of Ultimate Human Potential

Proof positive of ability beyond disability, limitless mind power, perseverance, and optimism in the face of tragedy.

Battling Peter Pan Syndrome

Saying goodbye to my first vehicle has triggered a flare up in my lifelong battle with Peter Pan Syndrome.

“I’m not sure if racism can be cured but I do believe it can be disarmed.”

  This comment by Don was on the post “The Luxury of Invisible Privilege” by Jackie Summers. “I’m not sure if racism can be cured but I do believe it can be disarmed. The reason I believe it might not be curable lies in the fact that America is the product of racism. So, in […]

7 Surprising Things That Sex Cures

Get down and get rid of these symptoms!

Can I Overcome Depression?

While most people can enjoy pleasant afternoons, I live in constant fear of the approaching storms.

Could Scientists Have Found a Possible Cure for AIDS/HIV?

As breakthroughs go, finding a cure for AIDS would be pretty high on the list, and that’s what Berlin doctors believe they have achieved.

A Noted Psychiatrist Said Gays Can Become Straight. Now He Says He’s Wrong. Not Good Enough.

Jesse Kornbluth: “If ever a shrink needed a shrink, it’s Spitzer.”