The One Thing Americans Need To Understand About Our Police Brutality Epidemic


Discrimination is about more than violence.

These 10 Facts About Income Inequality Will Change How You Look At Your Money Forever


These facts about income inequality are guaranteed to boil some blood.

5 Harsh Realities I WISH I’d Taught My Son About Police


I raised my son to trust police. I should’ve also taught him how to protect himself from them.

The Gaping Holes In Obama’s New Racial-Profiling Rules


Critics still see huge problems here.

Why Fat-Shaming By Doctors Really, Really Matters

doctor tools

Between 210,000 and 440,000 people die every year as a result of preventable hospital mistakes. How many of those are casualties of weight bias?

To End the Brutality Against People of Color, White People Need to Start Listening


People cling to what they believe is “true” about why Black men are targets for police brutality. But the truth is shocking, and brutal in and of itself.

Phys Ed Teacher Filmed Dragging Student Into Pool

school bus

Student films physical education teacher dragging high school student to swimming pool.

On Ferguson and the Fragility of Black Boys


Aliyyah I. Abdur-Rahman asks when the reproductive rights of women will finally extend to the right of black mothers having their children survive?

Petition Calls For All On-Duty Police Officers To Wear Tamper-Proof Cameras


Sparked by recent events, a petition is asking for a method to keep surveillance on on-duty officers in hopes of ending police brutality.

War is a Land Grab and it Always Has Been

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 5.35.14 PM.jpg

Scott Pelley, on CBS Evening News, talks of the struggles of today and how to get to peace.

Fighting the “Department of They”

facebook like on grunge wall

A Saturday morning scroll through Facebook-land turns into a heart-wrenching rant, and a plea for sanity and unity.

Elliot Rodger: Blaming Women When Patriarchy is the Problem


BroadBlogs hits the hard stuff in discussing one of the true evils behind the Isla Vista shooters actions: patriarchy itself.

Video: 9 Year-Old Rapper Dedicates Newest Song to Sandy Hook Tragedy

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 4.38.02 PM

9 year-old Brooklynite, Amor “Lilman” Artega has a message for the world, and it’s time we listened.

I’m a Sh** Parent Like Tony Hawk. Aren’t You?


Joanna Schroeder examines why we, as parents, are so eager to call other moms and dads “bad”.

Changing the Game of Venture Capital – With $37

You probably wouldn't even get this much!

Yahoo engineer Maciej Ceglowski wants to revolutionize the way we fund start-ups.

The Suicide of Kate Middleton’s Nurse – Should We Bully the Bullies?

AP Photo

Whether we’re talking about school bullies, Daniel Tosh, or the radio personalities who humiliated a nurse into suicide, the worst thing we can do is lose our own sense of empathy.