The 5 Most Powerful Tools for Talking to Kids About Sexting

How to offer your children love, respect and appropriate safe-guards against technological landmines.

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The Simple Message That Brought a Middle School Class to Tears

Former pro wrestler turned anti-bullying crusader Marc Mero puts to rest once and for all the idea that men don’t have emotions.

Keeping Up With Your Kid in the Digital Age

Philip Masterson advocates for parents to take an active role in the digital lives of their children and initiate healthy discussions about the dangers of online interactions.

V8 Juice’s Poisonous Punch: Disinhibited Intimidation & Gate Keeping

Warren Blumenfeld responds to some of the attacks he received after posting commentary on the V8 commercial “Personal Trainer.”

Instagram Gratification

Kenny Shults discusses the problems social media is causing for today’s teens—from accidental bullying to ‘digital aprosodia’—and looks to new forms of media to solve them.

A Sincere Compliment (Video)

How one group of Iowa students is combating cyber-bullies.

Hollywood Hacker Gets 10 Years for Ruining Lives Over the Internet

Christopher Chaney gets ten years for violating privacy in the grossest of ways.

Preparation to Die

What does a psychologist do when despair leads to suicidal thoughts?

How to Help Someone Who Is Feeling Suicidal

People who admit to having suicidal thoughts are saying, “I just want the pain to stop.”

News Anchor Takes Fatphobic Bully to Task on TV

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CNN Contributor Dana Loesch Attacked on Twitter, Her Husband Suspended For Defending Her

Lauren Hale watched a Twitter fight turn threatening last night, as Tea Party member and CNN Contributor Dana Loesch was attacked and threatened, and her husband ousted from the Twitter community for coming to her aid.

Trolling Could Cost You $250,000

Joanna Schroeder hates trolls as much as the next online magazine editor, but thinks the new bill before Arizona’s governor goes too far.

Thursday HuffPost Edition – Ten things I've learned from bullies

1. When I was in elementary school, I was pretty scrappy and I had big enough friends that I ended up pretty much on top of the social hierarchy by grade six. I teased certain girls in my class and I was a little jerk. My transition to being nearly friendless and painfully uncool in […]