How Peter Lorre Explored The Minds Of Child Murderers

Rich Monetti on a German film that explored the field of Nazi brutality.

Male Abusers: Damned and Desired

Andrew Smiler is stunned by how quickly we can go from expressing concern about domestic violence at the Grammy’s to idealizing it in 50 Shades.

Do You Want to Talk Seriously About Men?

Thomas Fiffer challenges the media to engage in a serious, two-sided conversation about the roles and responsibilities of men and women in breaking the cycle of violence and abuse.

Better Man – The One Settled for [Music]

Was Pearl Jam’s “Better Man” an abuser?

We Need to Care for All Boys and Girls

Personal experience with abuse has started a conversation about how to care for all who are in a cycle of sexualized violence.

Enticement—the Feel-Good Stuff—Is Part of Abuse

Kristin Carmichael explains how apologies, gifts, promises, and better behavior are not the end of abuse but part of the cycle that keeps victims trapped.

My Heart Broke This Week, and I Need Your Help Fixing It

An appeal to create the next generation of good men.

Gentle Men & Abusive Women: A Lethal Pairing Nobody Wants to Talk About

Dr. Jed Diamond shares his personal story, and his hard-earned insights, about being an abused man in a relationship.

Culture’s Effect on Victims

A story of child labor, sex slavery and those times when culture slaps you in the face.

Shame Is Why We Fight

When a man can’t soothe his woman’s anxieties, he has failed to protect her. And in our culture of masculinity, failed men are expendable.

Some Thoughts on Forgiveness

When it is possible at all, forgiveness is an ongoing, sacred process.

Violence and Victimization: Stereotypes of Dangerous Men

Are male survivors of abuse more likely to become violent, themselves?

He Who Laughs Last: Ending the Cycle of Male Abuse

For comedian Billy Batz, Male Abuse Awareness Week is personal.

Jim’ll Fux It

What forces might have made Jimmy Savile a sexual predator and allowed him to get away with it all his life? Ben Belenus on our personal sex gods.