Race Recap: Leadville Trail 100 MTB

Last year, I finished this grueling course in 10 hours and 32 minutes. I was completely exhausted, could barely talk or breathe, let alone stand up on my own volition. My body, face and even my eyelids were covered in dirt. It was by far, the toughest thing I’d ever done on a bike. So, what do I do? Sign up again!

Portrait of My Grandfather: 80 and Still Cycling

In this beautiful 6-minute documentary, a grandson captures his grandfather’s lifelong passion for cycling.

Gay Dad: Do As I Say, Not As I Did

John Jericiau of The Next Family wants his sons to have adventures…just maybe not the kinds he had.

The Deal Worth Making: Allez, Allez, Allez

Josh Magill did not understand the commitment, the mindset, the strength or the pain it took to truly be a cyclist. But he wanted to know, so he responded with: “Deal. Ten hours.”

A Man’s Guide To Buying The Perfect Christmas Gift, Without Costing The Earth

10 Christmas gifts to save the planet and maybe some money too…

The Good Men Playlist: The 50 Minute Indoor Workout

Cyclist David Stanley with a playlist to beat the cold.

The Night Is Full of Bicycles

Robert Barsanti gives a eulogy for a local man killed in a hit-and-run accident—a man who, in another life, could have been him.

I Am a Man and I Am Winning at Losing

Josh Magill follows up his brave GMP post; ‘I Am a Man and I Am Fat’ that resonated with readers with this account of how he found the will to kick his ass—and the fat.

Ten Seconds Dead

Ten seconds—that’s how long Jonathan Footerman was dead after he flew over the handlebars of his motorcycle.

Picture Recipe for Dealing with Cycling Knee Pain

Bruce Tretter has a recipe for knee pain and injury prevention from his sports doctor.

Lance Goes Down

Mark Radcliffe reports from the France on the fall of Lance Armstrong, ascendance of Bradley Wiggins as “patron” of the Tour.

Racing Through The Dark: Prologue

“And then, my guts in sudden free fall, I recognize where I am, the bare walls, the rough blanket, the hanging lightbulb. I am in a French police  cell, below  Biarritz town hall, in an empty basement.” — David Millar

On Losing Lance

Mark Radcliffe was once an elite cyclist who looked up to Lance Armstrong as a role model. Now he knows what a dirty sport it’s always been.

Six Things Every Man Should Know About the Tour

Roger Rilling on the myths and realities that are the Tour de France.

8 Training Mistakes to Avoid

Roger Rilling, professional sports trainer, shares some common training mistakes and how to avoid them.

A List of Stupid Things I Have Done Whilst Biking

Josh Bowman Lists Some of the Stupidest Things He Has Done on a Bicycle