Man-to-Man with lawyer-turned author Clifford Garstang

Cameron Conaway sits down with Clifford Garstang to discuss life, law, inspiration, and now, writing.

Growing Up A Son of Sarge

In this excerpt of Mark Shriver’s book, The Good Man, he salutes his Dad and remembers the perks of being the Sargent’s son.

Fight of His Life

A combat-wounded veteran forms Wings for Warriors to help stop government injustices toward injured soldiers.

Crying Like A Bitch

…and there’s no denying, you were crying like a bitch. Godsmack I know it’s Tuesday and this is a Music Monday type of post, but the temperature’s been below freezing and it’s slowed the ideas in my brain. My apologies. When I do a Music Monday post I tell you what a song means to […]