Dad’s Résumé


An unfortunately-named file attachment carries with it a world of connotations in Ann Clark’s poem about a résumé and aging.

‘It’ll Go Right Across the Lawn If You Fly It Right’

dad airplane

A dad gives his son a quick lesson in aerodynamics they won’t likely forget.

‘Let it Go’ Dads are Still the Funniest

Let it go dads still are the funniest

We’ve seen more father-daughter ‘Frozen’ duets than can be counted, but this is one of the best yet. Promise!

A Baby Cries On a Plane, Do You Judge the Parents Differently Based On Gender?

baby crying

“I was stunned to see women around me fall all over themselves to ‘help’ this ‘poor dad’ manage the baby.”

Don’t Let Me Down: The Ultimate Daddy Duet [Video]


Dad, check. Son, check, Guitars, check. Awesome, check.

Horsepower Is Not Just for Boys

Big Truck father and daughter

When you grow up with a father who loves horsepower, you learn to love horsepower too. Dixie Gillaspie, on cars, life, and a cool new contest from the Enterprise Exotic Collection. #sponsored

Teddy Bear Meets Best Friend

teddy meets best friend

This teddy bear just won the internet’s heart.

“let your kids be who they r, don’t project your dreams onto them”


How to be a Modern Dad in 5 Easy-to-Follow Rules

How to be a Modern Dad in 5 Easy-to-Follow Rules


To be an engaged and present parent, Tsach Gilboa offers five simple guidelines to live by.

The Essence of Fatherhood: 6 Simple Lessons


Leo Babauta gives stellar advice on how to be a father.

Things Dads Do That You Won’t See In Popular Culture


This is what today’s dads are really like.

Cosby, USA


Patrick Howell looks at The Cosby Show and how, 30 years later, visions preceded reality.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Being a Father?

father playing with son

Two cool dads discuss fatherhood, play, community, and how we can all take an active role in cultivating a more socially sustainable future.

I’m a Dad, Not a Creep


A Facebook post about a father getting separated from his son by police causes Doug Zeigler to recall his experiences with parental bias.

The Last Time My Father Sees Me


A poem of quiet power and beauty, Dalton Day’s “The Last Time My Father Sees Me” strikes a rare balance between honest emotion and fresh, surreal imagery.

“Aren’t those staying home to raise their kids working?”

Dual Incomes

Why Two-Income Families are Happier Than Single Earner Households