Goodbye, Sancho Panza


Don Quixote’s sidekick comes into his own in this unpredictable poem from Justin Hamm.

Dear Dad: The One With the ‘Former Co-Sleeper Wannabe’


A mom with a four year old who likes her bed better than his asks Brian Gawlak for some advice.

A Sunday Walk with Father


Todd Davis draws tight parallels between the world of trees and the world of humans.

Beyond The Lens: I Love You Daddy

VINCENT PUGLIESE / Courier & Press
MaKaylee Lindauer (2), reaches up to give her father, North High School Asiistant Baseball Coach Dirk Lindauer, a big kiss prior to the start of their Class 4A State Championship Game against Brownsburg in Lafayette Saturday.

Professional photographer, Vincent Pugliese, shares his love of sports, one picture and one memory at a time. Today: a pre-game good luck kiss at a high school ballpark.

The Four T’s You Need to be a Successful DIY’er


Shawn Henfling believes anyone can be a successful DIY’er.

How to Become Immortal


Leaving a legacy goes far beyond money. — My dad taught me that I don’t have to pretend; I don’t have to wear a mask. My dad Jimmy Henderson used to tell me, “Just because you’re here and breathing doesn’t mean the world owes you a thing. You’ve got to go out there and earn […]

Beyond The Lens: A Photo Tribute To Troy Polamalu, Joyful Dad

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers-Training Camp

Professional photographer, Vincent Pugliese, shares his love of sports, one picture and one memory at a time.

Accident at the Vitamin Factory, 1976


An injured man is forced to reassess his relationship to family and work in this moving poem from Jia Oak Baker.

Dads Rally For Equality … In Our Public Bathrooms


We all love our moms. Wai Sallas wonders if dad’s are becoming historic footnotes to the raising of our children. Or maybe he just wants a bathroom upgrade.

A Lesson in Fatherhood from Mister Rogers


What a lunchtime walk with Mister Rogers taught me about love, courage, integrity, and fatherhood. —- We stepped outside the studios of WQED into the warm sunshine. Fred Rogers—wearing a navy blazer, bow tie, and his signature blue sneakers—looked at the sky and then to me and said, “Let’s leave the car and walk to […]

7 Things Men Don’t Know About the Delivery Room


Nothing prepares you for what you’ll experience. — One of the happiest days of my life was finding out that my wife was pregnant. I couldn’t believe that I was going to be a father. The realization that I would be a special part of another human being’s life was mind blowing. I always pictured […]

Loving Your Parents


The psychology of love, your parents, and how they intertwine.

Dad Dances and Baby Laughs

Dad Dances by Zach Monroe

A few dance moves from dad, and this baby is cracking up!

What Society Tells Me About Being a Dad—And Why That Needs to Change


Matt Brennan finds himself more attuned to the realities of being a dad—despite what society shows him.

3 Things I Wish I Had Done With My Dad

man working with wood

It’s easy to get caught up in caring for those whose time with us is precious, and fail to make the most of that time.



Jan Clausen’s remembrance of her father reminds us that memory is complex and grief is never linear.