What Makes Fatherhood


  The legacy of fatherhood takes root in so many ways. Galit Breen shows us the life inside those lasting influences. — His fatherhood is jokes that we all know the punch line of. It’s perfect ribs and 69 cent cones and homemade cream soda. It’s a gifted appreciation for Star Wars, the Minnesota Twins, and siracha—all […]

5 Lessons Dads Should Consider Teaching Their Boys


This father says there are important lessons each of us should consider teaching our boys to develop into confident men. — When I was a child, I remember building forts in the woods, going fishing, keeping a watch for gators on our boating expedition, and getting into trouble. I did what boys do. Now, we […]

9 Things Every Woman Wants the Father of Her Children to Do


Grand gestures are great, but it’s the little things that win your family’s heart.  — They’re made tackling each other in the back yard. Parenting requires big tasks. It’s a heavy job. Sometimes moms and dads can get overwhelmed by the huge responsibilities that lie in this position. While the big things are critical, sometimes […]

Why All Men Hate the Beach

men hate baech

Our bodies are mostly salt water, yet half of our race avoids the sand. Jeremy McKeen dissects a day at–and a refutation of–the beach. — All men hate the beach, going to the beach, and the idea of a beach day. Or maybe, all men hate sunbathing. Or maybe it’s that all dads hate the […]

How I Made My Dad Cry


Seeing tears on his father’s face was incentive enough to get John Trybulec to pass Accounnting 101.

Trotting on Clouds


In 10 year-old boy’s world, it simply doesn’t get any better than your baseball team winning the championship. (Same for 40 year-old dads!)

6 Similarities Between LeBron James Finals Performance and My Stay at Home Wife/Mom


Even though his team lost, Travis Scott walked away with a new appreciation for his wife.

Tree of the Apple


Kelly DuMar masterfully captures “the holy moment that saves your life” in this deceptively simple prose poem.

Dads Say The Darndest Things


Shanna Anderson polled her Facebook followers for their favorite “dadisms”.

Three Words to the Most Important Man in My Life


Sebastian Harris learns to say I love you to another man.

Let’s Do Something Different for Fathers’ Day


Jonathan Delavan urges both women and men to do something more meaningful for the men in their lives this year and into the future.

What I Learned From My Dad’s Depression


She had a complicated relationship with her father. He died four months ago.

Happy Father’s Day, Mom


Some of us keep fathers and mothers all our lives, others struggle with abandonment, wondering what went wrong. What makes a father leave his children?

Hush Money

nat chadwick

Ina Chadwick reminisces about her larger-than-life father and his untimely death—and imagines how it might have been different.

The Empty Space

The Empty Space by underclassrisingnet

Cabot O’Callaghan shares his grief of finding then losing the father he never had.

Father-son outing results in a catch of a lifetime…


Eight year old lands 57″ Monster Muskie while fishing with his father