My Unconventional Father is My Hero

My hero is the man who raised me.

Becoming a Better Man By Being Vulnerable

Through many experiences, I’ve come to believe that showing vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness.

How Did You Prepare to Be a Dad and Other Questions You Never Thought You’d Be Asked…Part II

Last week, Lynn Wicker covered the preparation dads need to face to make it through the earlier years of parenting. This go-round, tweens and teens are the topic.

Want to be a Good Dad? Don’t Stop Trying

If you’re worried about how to better your dad skills, you’re probably already a rockstar dad. But this Annual Dad’s Conference is a great way to keep growing.

Evening Therapy

Joshua Martin sheds light on the casual yet essentials ways by which men support each other.

The Homeless Dads: The Bad Deal Divorce

Author, John McElhenney, still tries to see the balance in his divorce decree. But after losing everything twice, he’s convinced we men need to fight for equal consideration after the marriage has ended.

How Did You Prepare to Be a Dad?…and Other Questions You Never Thought You’d Be Asked

Children are poised to enter many stages with unique needs and challenges every step of the way. How will you prepare for the most important job of your life?

The Legacy of Dad’s Minestrone Soup

With him forever, my dad’s minestrone soup holds the secrets to who he is. It is indelible, much like his fingerprints, or heartbeat, but a mystery I cannot unravel.

5 Steps to Help Your Kids Deal with Your Chronic Illness

When you’re a parent with chronic illness, you need all the help you can get to manage life. These five tips can help you get there.

10 Tips For Traveling With Kids: A Single Dad’s Guide

Single parenting is challenging. It’s especially challenging to travel with a kid in tow.

Be the Cam Newton of Your Home

Be true to who you are and consistent in that regardless of who is around.

Sometimes I Ask Myself How I Ended Up With a Son Like This

While our son is not perfect from time to time, he encourages me.

Five Ways I’ve Noticed I’m Not a Complete Screw Up as a Dad

I have observed some things about my sons that give me hope that I am not completely and totally wrecking their lives.

A Dad Wants the Benefit of the Doubt in Raising His Son

The one thing that always deserves the benefit of the doubt, is that we all love our kids.

The First 4 Surprises of Parenting

Becoming a parent for the first time comes with it’s share of surprises. Here are 4 that stand out.

Creativity and the Power of Novelty

We get so caught up in our lives–in the status quo–that we forget how amazing it is to try new experiences and how healthy it is for our brain.